Otomate Nintendo Switch (TM) “SympathyKiss” released today!

Idea Factory Co., Ltd.
Nintendo Switch (TM) “SympathyKiss” released today!

Idea Factory Co., Ltd.’s women’s game brand “Otomate” released the game software “Sympathy Kiss” for Nintendo Switch today, November 17, 2022 (Thursday).
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Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshiaki Sato / Location: Toshima-ku, Tokyo)’s women’s game brand “Otomate” will release the Nintendo Switch game software “SympathyKiss” today, November 17, 2022 (Thursday). Did.
In addition, the SympathyKiss character popularity vote will be held! Details will be announced on the official website and official Twitter. Thank you for your continued support of “SympathyKiss”.
What awaited him after the personnel change was a new job and a new love! ? You have been working as a designer for an app company for exactly one year. Recently, I’ve gotten used to my work, and I’ve been living a fulfilling but mediocre life.
One day, the planning and editorial department of an information application rumored to be closed within the company
I will be assigned all of a sudden.
I was assigned to a small group of talented men gathered from within the company for the renewal.
What’s more, I’m going to team up with them and work together…! ? In order to rebuild the app, while being tossed by a partner who has both quirks and two habits,
You are struggling with your first job.
Without knowing that a new love awaits beyond that job.
[Image 2d80401-239-2a75e7278887d9b0aca3-1.jpg&s3=80401-239-66cd55578cd6f9377750303c51afb762-960x540.jpg
[Image 3d80401-239-7803ccc0504b678a37d3-2.jpg&s3=80401-239-ca89d914398027836ab6b10d653e0495-960x540.jpg
[Image 4d80401-239-710c76db7c84c7f457f4-3.jpg&s3=80401-239-6a673a31a910c00b3cd8a870f78e3185-960x540.jpg
[Image 5d80401-239-0a5a63c1bab48d19e876-4.jpg&s3=80401-239-b8a682b7abe247156425828aa6892451-960x540.jpg
[Image 6d80401-239-86d8969661177d8bf10a-5.jpg&s3=80401-239-4f02d673e85a717a024d5aca869a0c82-960x540.jpg
[Image 7d80401-239-b9b7e14426d2155b5a22-6.jpg&s3=80401-239-84c91a4636cf9dc0939cab2290fa5bd5-960x540.jpg
Target characters:
Koki Satsuki (CV. Gakuto Kajiwara), Kohei Minato (CV. Yuichiro Umehara), Yoji Torahashi (CV. Kazuyuki Okitsu),
Rokuro Yoshioka (CV. Seiichiro Yamashita), Law Tainaka (CV. KENN), Shuya Usui (CV. Yuya Uchida)
Product Summary
Title: SympathyKiss
Catchphrase: Drama-like love for you――
Compatible models: Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite
Genre: Dramatic love ADV dedicated to adult girls
CERO: D (for ages 17 and up)
Number of players: 1
Release date: November 17, 2022 (Thursday)
Opening song:
“BYE MY LIFE/FOUND MY LOVE feat. Arata Sugimoto (THE SIXTH LIE)” Artist: GENIC PALLET Lyrics: Luna Haruse Composition/Arrangement: Keita Miyoshi Official website URL: https://www.otomate.jp/sympathykiss/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/SK_otomate
Twitter hashtag: #Shinkis #Otome Switch
Publisher: Idea Factory
Rights notation: (C) 2022 IDEA FACTORY/DESIGN FACTORY
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