Otoya Co., Ltd. Very popular every year! A limited-time “Oyster Fair” will be held where you can enjoy the taste of winter luxuriously, including the crispy and juicy “Large Oyster Fries”!

Ootoya Co., Ltd.
Very popular every year! A limited-time “Oyster Fair” will be held where you can enjoy the taste of winter luxuriously, including the crispy and juicy “Large Oyster Fries”!
Start selling winter menu for a limited time

Ootoya Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative: Kenju Kurudo, hereinafter referred to as Ootoya) will offer Otoya rice nationwide from November 4, 2022 (Friday) to January 12, 2023 (Thursday). We will sell a winter-only menu using “oysters” from Hiroshima Prefecture.
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Sorry to keep you waiting! Every year at Otoya, we will start selling “fried oysters” for a limited time.
This year, we have limited the production area to Etajima, Hiroshima, and have upgraded it to a bigger, juicier and more delicious version than last year! In addition, the limited menu of this time is full of menus where you can enjoy oysters luxuriously, such as salt koji earthen pot with special spicy hemp sauce.
Oysters are called “milk of the sea” and contain various nutrients in a well-balanced manner. It is full of nutrients that are good for our bodies, such as minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc, and amino acids such as glycogen and taurine.
Eat the nutritious oyster menu at Otoya and survive the cold winter! Large Oysters from Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture and Fried Cod with Milt

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Creamy deep-fried cod with soft roe has a new texture
Large oysters from Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture and white cod with soft roe are crispy and juicy in batter.
The accompanying tartar sauce made in-house has a refreshing taste and goes well with the juicy fried oysters. Enjoy the new texture of deep-fried cod with soft roe and dip it in your favorite sauce. Set meal price: 1,090 yen (tax included)
Single item price 940 yen (tax included)

Large Fried Oysters from Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture

[Image 3

Every year, Ootoya’s winter classic “Large oyster fry”
Large oysters from Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture, raised in the nutrient-rich sea, are fried crispy and juicy in batter with a nice texture.
Set meal price 990 yen (tax included)
Single item price 840 yen (tax included)

Happosai Salted Koji Oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture
[Image 4

Happosai, with the gentle flavor of shio-koji, brings out the flavor of the oysters and vegetables.
Plump oysters are entwined with specially made shio-koji sauce along with vegetables that retain just the right amount of crunchiness. Enjoy the collaboration of seafood and mountain delicacies. It is a perfect side dish for rice.
Set meal price: 1,290 yen (tax included)
Single item price 1,140 yen (tax included)

Oysters and chicken from Hiroshima Prefecture in an earthen pot with salted koji [Image 5

[Image 6

A salt koji hotpot with a rich flavor, served with a special hemp sauce Using Hiroshima-grown oysters, you can enjoy chicken and vegetables together in a salt-malted earthenware pot with a gentle flavor. Please enjoy it with the special spicy sauce that will make you addictive. It is a menu that warms you from the core of your body that you want to eat in the cold winter.
Set meal price 1,390 yen (tax included)
Single item price 1,240 yen (tax included)

About missing items and non-target stores
[About missing items]
We have prepared a sufficient amount during the sales period, but if there are more visitors or orders than expected, sales may end. Also, please note that it may be sold out depending on the store and time. [About non-target stores]
The following stores do not carry the above products.
・Aeon Mall Takasaki
・Aeon Tennocho store
・Aeon Mall Sunrise Store
・Ario Kameari store
・Aeon Mall Kurashiki
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We offer special coupons and various benefits to commemorate the 65th anniversary. Please look forward to it as it will be announced at any time on the Ootoya website, official app, and official SNS.

◆ Otoya Rice Restaurant ◆
Until now and in the future.
that we will always cherish.
It’s about putting people’s health first.
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We use only additive-free ingredients,
Of course, to create a delicious taste that makes you feel relieved, Every day, every meal, pay attention to nutrition so that you can eat. With wisdom and ingenuity nurtured in Japanese kitchens,
We want to satisfy the minds and bodies of our customers around the world. Connecting thoughts, delivering food, and making life better. Proper and healthy.
This is our Ootoya promise.
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