Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture (Otsu City Hall) Holding of a mini exhibition “Temple Treasures of Tendai Shinse ishu Temple in Otsu”

Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture (Otsu City Hall)
Holding of a mini exhibition “Treasures of Tendai Shinsei sect temples in Otsu”
The theme of this mini exhibition is the treasures of the Tendai Shinsei sect temple in Otsu City. Otsu is home to Saikyoji Temple, the head temple of the Tendai Shinsei sect, and 21 of its branch temples are known. The Otsu City Museum of History is currently conducting an exhaustive survey of the existing treasures of those temples, and has confirmed cultural properties that have not been known until now. Furthermore, in the autumn of this year, the 190,000-day memorial service for the succession of Fudan-nenbutsu will be held at Saikyo-ji Temple, and it is believed that the activities of Shinmori Shonin will once again attract attention. In this exhibition, we will introduce temple treasures handed down at the Tendai Shinsei sect temple in Otsu City. 13 points in total. Of these, 12 were exhibited for the first time. (Otsu City Museum of History HP:
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Exhibition period: From November 1st (Tue) to December 4th (Sun), 2022 (Closed on Mondays, November 4th (Fri), and November 24th (Thursday)) Venue: Otsu City Museum of History, Mini Special Exhibition Corner on the 1st floor of the Permanent Exhibition Room (2-2 Misasagi-cho, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture)
Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (entrance to the exhibition room is until 16:30) Viewing fee You can see the permanent exhibition viewing fee. General: 330 yen (260 yen) High school and university students: 240 yen (190 yen) Elementary school and junior high school students: 160 yen (130 yen)
*Prices in parentheses are for groups of 15 or more.
[Image 2d87178-72-5d00b6db6f936db7b06d-0.jpg&s3=87178-72-d6e560578b3df0354952ddb6188ff6e7-750x387.jpg
[Image 3d87178-72-0abf6d8f42fbb412ad31-1.jpg&s3=87178-72-5ed46ba3e43d795fbdf5204d33555ee1-747x392.jpg
[Image 4d87178-72-7d3766d952c64af06e11-3.jpg&s3=87178-72-9ae810a9ebd9758c2344a9d64f6902a9-747x541.jpg
[Image 5d87178-72-5e68b4c9e3b6e62b7804-4.jpg&s3=87178-72-6532a8fcb629b8830bb3a3851bd91b9a-593x615.jpg
[Image 6d87178-72-58afa771941217da5a2d-2.jpg&s3=87178-72-0a26cfb563d9360a58053445c7f94087-191x589.jpg

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