Outdoor movie and fireworks collaboration event “OUTDOOR THEATER with HANABI” will be held at Oarai Seaside Park on Saturday, November 26th

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Outdoor movie and fireworks collaboration event “OUTDOOR THEATER with HANABI” will be held at Oarai Seaside Park on Saturday, November 26th Free screening of “SING: Next Stage” outdoors

OUTDOOR THEATER JAPAN (BACKYARD Co., Ltd., Racol Co., Ltd.), which has been revitalizing local areas through outdoor movie events based on the concept of “making theaters anywhere in Japan”, will hold an outdoor movie and fireworks event on Saturday, November 26th. collaboration event “OUTDOOR THEATER with HANABI” will be held. The screening work on the day has been decided to be “SING / Thing: Next Stage”.
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Oarai Seaside Park will be the stage for this theatrical adaptation. You can enjoy a special theater experience where you can watch a movie under the stars in winter for free.
The movie to be screened is “SING: Next Stage,” the sequel to “SING,” which made a huge hit with over 5.1 billion yen at the box office. After the movie screening, enjoy music fireworks that synchronize the big hit song and fireworks that color the work.
■ “SING/Thing: Next Stage”
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(C) 2020 Universal Studios.
――Five years have passed since then. Thanks to the efforts of Koala’s manager, Buster Moon, the New Moon Theater, which had been revived, was filled to capacity every day and was full of energy. Familiar friends Rosita, Ash, Johnny, Mina and Gunter are local favourites. However, Buster had further dreams and ambitions. We want to hold our own show in the holy land of entertainment! With only that passion in his heart and no connections or connections, Buster heads to the big city with his friends.
Focusing on the “sea”, which is a local resource of Oarai Town, this event will be held at the same time as “NIGHTWAVE ~ Illumination of the Sea ~ in Oarai”, which will hold a night time event as a new content to attract customers other than swimming in the winter season, which is the off season. It would be held.
Enjoy the night view of Oarai.
■ About “NIGHT WAVE ~Illumination of the Sea~ in Oarai”
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・ Date and time: November 22nd (Wednesday) to 27th (Sunday), 2022 ・ Venue: Oarai Sun Beach, Oarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture
・Viewing time: 15:00-21:00 (lights on at sunset)
This is a night illumination event that “turns waves into art” held at Oarai Sun Beach.
・Date and time: Saturday, November 26, 2022
・Venue: Oarai Seaside Park
・Time: Screening starts at 18:00 Fireworks launch around 20:00 ・Screening: “SING/Sing: Next Stage” Japanese dubbed version
*For more information about the films to be screened, please see the special website for “NIGHT WAVE OARAI”.
*Time may vary depending on the situation.
*To prevent infectious diseases, the screening will be limited to the number of people.
*In the event of stormy weather or the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the event may be postponed, canceled, or the content may be changed. Please be sure to check whether the event will be held on the event’s website before visiting.
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYCKL6WucK4]

[Organizer] Oarai Tourism Association
[ Sponsor ] Ibaraki Prefecture, Oarai Town
[Contact] Oarai Tourism Association (TEL: 029-266-0788)
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