OVER20&Company. Start recruiting student ambassadors from any graduates

Started recruiting student ambassadors from alumni of any
Started a student ambassador system to accelerate the promotion of any projects. Any original business card will be presented to those who wish

OVER20 & Company Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Directors: Rika Ishido, Tatsuya Itoi), which develops the next-generation growth support business in the 20s, is an educational program “any” that is provided completely free of charge for pre-workers. From December 1st, we will introduce a student ambassador system for the purpose of expanding recognition and disseminating the appeal of any from pre-working adults who have completed the above. The ambassadors, pre-working adults, will spread the appeal of any on SNS, etc., and carry out activities to expand any’s projects.
What is any
OVER20&Company. Co., Ltd., which has a wealth of experience in introducing companies for external interview services, provides an “educational program that supports personal vision and verbalization of your own axis” for pre-working adults. During the approximately one-month online program, participants will have discussions with pre-work professionals from all over the world, and through one-on-one sessions with professional mentors, they will verbalize their unshakable axis. Companies, organizations, and individuals who agree to invest in next-generation human capital participate in any. ■Any ambassador activity image
Dissemination to increase recognition on SNS
Communicate attractiveness through interviews, etc.
As a graduate of any, you will communicate daily from ordinary conversations ■”any” original business cards distributed to any ambassadors [Image


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