OZmall Christmas Dinner 2022 Slightly shift the area and plan and release “11 ways to make Christmas just for you two”

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[OZmall Christmas Dinner 2022] Slightly shift the area and plan and release “11 ways to make Christmas just for you two”
“Higashi Ginza, one step away from Ginza”, “Japanese food instead of French”, “Short trip to Zushi”, etc.

The women’s site “OZmall” (4 million members) operated by Starts Publishing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Shuichi Kikuchi) is “[Christmas Dinner 2022] Exclusively for couples who will make reservations from now on. We have released a special feature on 11 ways to make “more, only two” come true.
■ Feature article here — https://www.ozmall.co.jp/xmas/restaurant/dinner/32584/ [Image 1

Christmas at OZmall 11 ways to make “more, just two”
[Method 1] Christmas for two people who are not bound by the 24th and 25th. Enjoy an “off-peak” dinner at your own pace
[Method 2] Area selection for mature adults Part 1 “Higashi Ginza, a step away from Ginza”
[Method 3] Area selection for mature adults Part 2 “Get out of Shinjuku and Kagurazaka”
[Method 4] For Yokohama, go to Yokohama Station, Yamashita Park instead of Minatomirai.
[Method 5] Feeling “comfortable Japanese food” on the night of December. Seasonal ingredients with a simple and sophisticated taste [Method 6] Applause at a luxurious Chinese restaurant. An oriental encounter of passionate flames and flavors
[Method 7] If you graduated from the high-rise night view dinner, this year will be a private room debut
[Method 8] Escape from the big city. Short trip Christmas by train [Method 9] Because I want to forget the time. “Unlimited” restaurant where you can stay together longer
[Method 10] Lounge, dining, bar. New Christmas to fully enjoy the hotel [Method 11] Limited number of groups. A premium plan for high-end restaurants, presented by OZ and restaurants
◆ Slightly shift the area and plan An example
[Image 2

◆ “Comfortable Japanese food” feels like
Japanese Cuisine En / Garden Hotel Tokyo [Christmas Dinner 2022] At a hidden hotel! Special kaiseki meal on the New Year’s Eve (12/23-12/25) including broiled tuna Otoro sushi and Japanese-style roast beef 12,000 yen
[Image 3

◆ “Unlimited” time to spend slowly
Aoyama Elysion House [Christmas Dinner 2022] An exquisite full-course dinner where you can enjoy two main dishes of meat and fish, as well as the chef’s special ingredients (12/17-25), 24,200 yen *No time limit from 12/17-23
[Image 4

◆Short trip by train
Ristorante AO Zushi Marina [Christmas Dinner 2022] Includes a toast drink per person! A special dinner course with an impressive ocean view (12/23-12/26) 25,000 yen
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“Ozmall” started in 1996 as the web version of “Ozmagazine”. Featuring feature articles that make use of our unique editing skills, and OZ’s premium reservation service that allows online reservations for luxury hotels, restaurants, hair salons, and relaxation salons. Thinking of users as “girl friends”, it has gained the support of 4 million members.
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