Pacific Meta raises 150 million yen in seed funding to expand global marketing sup

Pacific Meta Co., Ltd.
Pacific Meta raises 150 million yen in seed funding to expand global marketing sup

Pacific Meta (Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Shota Iwasaki) announces that it has raised 150 million yen through a third-party allocation of new shares in a seed round with VC firms DIMENSION/East Ventures/15thRock Fund, Web3 companies , and several angel investors as subscribers. With the funds raised this time, we will expand our business structure to support the marketing and global expansion of companies and projects that are challenging in the Web3 domain. [Image 1

Funding Background
Our company was just founded in August 2022, and although there is a big wave in the Web3 domain such as NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse, there are still many challenges in the industry as a whole. to Web3 and NFT from a marketing perspective, and to spreading the concept and services of Web3 to the world in an appropriate manner. We have already been working with several clients, and with this funding, we hope to further strengthen our support system and community . Business
(1) Support for overseas Web3/NFT projects to enter the Japanese market [Image 2

(2) Marketing and overseas expansion support for Japanese web3 projects [Image 3

(3) Web3 community and media management
[Image 4

Purpose of Fundraising
(1) Recruitment
Pacific Meta aims to be the expert group for Web3.
We accelerate recruiting to create a more global organization. (2) Development of the community
Pacific Meta also operates its own Web3-related communities and media, such as the NFT gaming guild NGS.
We will make efforts to improve the quality of the content we deliver in our own community.
*NGS stands for NFT Game School, a community mainly for beginners of NFT games to learn how NFT games work, how to get started, and how to play them.
Discord & Twitter of NGS↓

(3) Overseas expansion
Pacific Meta aims to be a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world. We will expand our organization and community globally.
Pacific Meta is a new company.
We are looking for people who can take on big challenges with us as founding members.
If you are interested in this journey, please contact us at
(1) Business Development
We are looking for people who can devise new solutions for clients, propose them, and accompany them all the way through to
If you are an English speaker, you will be responsible for
international clients.
(2) Researchers
We are looking for people who do research on the Web3 domain and output as content used in community management.
Your research will be used in our proposals to clients as well. (3) CFO
We are looking for a CFO who can be entrusted with all corporate matters and accompany the company to IPO.
Overseas Partners
Pacific Meta has partners in each region to support the global expansion of Web3 projects.
[Image 5

Kei Seki
Senior Crypto Adviser
Based in Singapore/Southeast Asia
Kei Sei previously worked in Point72 Asset Management, founded the alternative data analysis team in Tokyo office. He also for DMM’s cryptocurrency exchange in 2017. Currently, he is a General Partner of Next Web Capital – leading Web3 accelerator in Asia. a Head of finance of Astar.
Fluent in Japanese and English.
[Image 6

–Justin Teoder
Business Development Manager
Based in Indonesia/Southeast Asia
Former Marketing manager at ByteDance, Currently based in Indonesia. He has engaged in a lot of alpha groups for Crypto & NFT projects since early, as well as managed his own NFT project.
Fluent in Indonesian, English, and Chinese.
[Image 7

Steven Zhao
Business Development Manager
Based in Canada/North America
Graduated from Peking University with Master in Finance and Bachelor of Laws.Former investment banker at China Huatai United Securities and investment analyst at China Merchants Capital.
Fluent in English, Chinese and Japanese.
Comments from Investors
[Image 8

Mr. Masato Shimodaira, DIMENSION Business Producer
Pacific Meta is a startup that aims to help companies and projects that promote web3 in Japan and abroad and to light up hope for clients in the early days of the Web3 industry, which is still in chaos, with different regulatory standards in Japan and abroad. We decided to make a lead investment in this round based on the founder Iwasaki’s achievements since his student days, his ability to make things happen, his knowledge of the Web3 domain, and his track record of business with global Web3 companies.All of us at DIMENSION will continue to support its management to realize its vision of becoming a Japan-originated global Web3 company to make Web3 a more “pacific” . [Image 9

Mr. Kenji Minamoto, 15th Rock Founder & General Partner
When I think of the future of the individual, I believe that those who do what they enjoy from the bottom of their hearts are more likely to become winners in their life. I am really looking forward to seeing the company develop a series of services that embody such a “Play to Earn” worldview and make our lives more enjoyable and richer.

Comment from Mr. Iwasaki, CEO of Pacific Meta, Inc.
[Image 10
・Invested in more than 30 companies as an angel investor.
・Selected for forbes 30 under 30 Asia in 2020. Board members
[Image 11

Kousei Sho
Head of Global Business Development
Graduated from the University of Tokyo with an economics degree. Former digital marketer at TikTok, East Asia, and business development manager at a Japanese startup initiated by Boston Consulting Group.Fluent in English and Chinese. Currently, he has co-founded Pacific Meta with the responsibility of global business development. [Image 12

Yusuke Miyake
Head of Marketing
Graduated from Keio University.Former executive officer of Shukatsu Net Co in charge of overall marketing in the Japanese Market.As a board member, he has experience managing more than 100 members and growing the website’s PV to more than 10 million per month.Currently, he co-founded Pacific Meta and is mainly in charge of
promotion/marketing. He has been a cryptocurrency trader for 5 years. About Us
Name: Pacific Meta Inc.
Location: 305 THE CASK GOTANDA, 2-5-2 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo CEO and President: Shota Iwasaki
Established Date: August 10th, 2022
Business: Marketing and overseas expansion support for Web3 businesses Company URL: (Japanese)
Company URL: (English)
Wantedly: LinkedIn:
For inquiries, please contact
Company name: Pacific Meta Inc.
Details about this release:


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