Pacific Net Co., Ltd. Solving all the problems when disposing of IT equipment! Notice of Launch of “Emission Management BPO Service”

Pacific Net Co., Ltd.
Solves all the problems when disposing of IT equipment! Notice of Launch of “Emission Management BPO Service”

Pacific Net Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuhiro Ueda, hereinafter referred to as our company)
We will start offering “Emission Management BPO Service” (hereinafter referred to as “this service”) to solve all the problems related to the disposal of used IT devices.
1. background purpose
Since used IT devices are disconnected from the internal network after being replaced, large companies with a large number of devices and many locations face the enormous workload and cost burden associated with device and traceability management, as well as the risk of data leaks from devices. It was a big challenge. This service makes it possible to solve these problems.
Until now, this service has been provided only to a small number of large companies.
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2. About Emission Management BPO Service
This service is a service that can solve all the problems when disposing of IT equipment.
・Contracting all troublesome tasks from demanding recovery when discarding IT equipment to proper disposal (partially possible) ・Achieving traceability of equipment and digital management and visualization of deleted data, which have been issues so far ・ Our staff with know-how and high technical skills regarding IT equipment will Customize your service
— Service contents —
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――― Service Features ―――
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Digital management is realized by the industry’s first data
erasure/history management system “Secure Trace (*1)” and our own “Web ReLease (*2)”. In addition, at our technical center equipped with the industry’s highest level of security, we properly process our customers’ IT equipment assets through nationwide support and centralized management, and also implement history management. You can also donate to NPO CLACK (*3), a partner of the PC Donation Project. (*1) A service that automatically generates evidence of erasure of all data from used IT equipment and stores it for 10 years.
(*2) This is a web service that visualizes the discharge status of devices and allows you to search for devices and view response history.
(*3) PC donation project “Pass the Baton” [Service page]
[Service start date] Immediate
[Service inquiries] Pacific Net Co., Ltd. ITAD Promotion Department Seki/Ishii            TEL: 03-5764-1442  MAIL:
3. Holding a seminar
We will hold a seminar related to this service.
[Seminar overview]
A must-see for information system! The key to successful DX is to reduce the load on normal operations
Part 1: PC introduction and operation
  [Mode of PC introduction and operation for the new era] Key points for reducing information system work load
Part 2: Data erasure/disposal
  [Appropriate processing of IT assets required now] Points for cost reduction, security, and SDGs measures
[Date and time]
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To apply for participation, please use the seminar application form below.
that’s all
[About Pacific Net Co., Ltd.] Based on the management philosophy of “We want to make ‘people’ and ‘society’ happy through corporate IT support,” We support DX with our unique services that have strengths in flexible customization. In addition to various services in line with the life cycle of IT equipment, we will work together to face various business issues of companies and provide close-knit optimal solutions.

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