Palan Co., Ltd. The virtual shop of the Sotetsu Group “SOTETSU GOODS STORE” will open for a limited time from November 25th!

Palan Co., Ltd.
The virtual shop of the Sotetsu Group “SOTETSU GOODS STORE” will open for a limited time from November 25th!
Sagami Railway character “Sonyan” appears in a virtual shop where you can walk around the VR space and try out with AR

palan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Eiji Saito), Sotetsu Building Management Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, President: Mikio Morimura) and Sotetsu Station Retail Co., Ltd. (Headquarters) : Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, President: Mitsuru Sato) will open the “SOTETSU GOODS STORE” virtual shop operated in the demonstration experiment for a limited time.
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▲ Click here for the “SOTETSU GOODS STORE” virtual shop (no app required, view from your smartphone or computer browser)
■ About this initiative
palan Co., Ltd. is co-creating palan’s WebXR commerce adopted in the “Sotetsu Accelerator Program 2021” implemented by Sotetsu Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Yokohama, President: Hideyuki Takizawa) Sagami Railway Co., Ltd. The company (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Yokohama, President: Koji Chihara) opened a virtual shop of “SOTETSU GOODS STORE” in the premises of Futamatagawa Station on the Sotetsu Main Line on the Metaverse, demonstrating a new shopping experience using XR. We started the experiment. It will be open for a limited time until January 31, 2023.
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The virtual shop faithfully reproduces the interior layout and driver’s cab of “SOTETSU GOODS STORE” Futamatagawa. In the driver’s cab, you can experience as if you were actually sitting in the driver’s seat.
In the center of the store, the Sagami Railway character “Sonyan” welcomes you. You can check the texture and size of the products placed in the shop in AR, and try placing them in your room or on the shelf. It is also recommended for those who can’t go directly to the store or who want to shop without being tied to time.
In addition, there is also content that allows you to use AR to bring out “Sonyan” and the train cab to your favorite place, such as your home.
■ What is “WebXR Commerce”?
WebXR Commerce does not require the installation of an app, so you can easily browse VR stores on the web on your smartphone or PC. can be purchased at Even in the corona wreck, you can purchase products remotely.
In addition, it is a new EC platform that allows even businesses without physical stores to easily create original VR stores that take advantage of the world view and playfulness at very low cost. Even during with-corona and after-corona, we can open stores that adapt to changes in people’s lifestyles.
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■ What is the physical store of “SOTETSU GOODS STORE”?
We have opened a store in the premises of Futamatagawa Station on the Sotetsu Main Line, and we handle a variety of Sotetsu original goods, including the Sagami Railway character “Sonyan” goods, so that a wide range of customers can visit us.
■ Features of WebXR commerce
1. Spatial design that makes the most of the virtual
WebXR Commerce does not take a 360-degree image of the store, but creates a 3D model image of the store.
Therefore, it is possible to express a free world view and playfulness that is difficult in the real world, as well as businesses that do not have a store.
It can be used as a new e-commerce site that can promote brand concepts and stories through VR experiences.
2. Technology for generating 3D items
Recently, there has been a lot of attention in e-commerce, and the “AR trial placement experience” requires a 3D model of the product. However, the production of the 3D model was costly and time-consuming, and there was a background that many businesses were unable to take the plunge.
palan has made it possible to create a simple 3D model from a single image using our proprietary technology. (Patent pending)
By specifying the size, you can create full-scale 3D data, which makes it possible to prepare a large amount of 3D data in a short time. 3. Cooperation with WELLNET’s payment system
With WebXR Commerce, you can convey the world view and charm of the store in VR space, try out products in AR, and complete purchases and payments in one stop.
In terms of payment, it is linked with the payment system of Wellnet, a major payment company, and it is possible to conduct safe and secure transactions.
Various functions can be added and customized. Please feel free to contact us. Click here for vendor registration For inquiries about WebXR commerce, please contact: ■ About WebAR
The technology that realizes AR only with a web browser is called WebAR, and it is currently widely used in corporate campaigns and sales promotions. In recent years, services using WebAR have been adopted by many companies such as local governments, tourism industry, and entertainment industry, and we are producing and developing as a service development partner.
Learn more about WebAR
Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss production that meets your needs, budget, and delivery date.
■ About Wellnet Co., Ltd.
Wellnet is a one-stop payment agency that provides everything from cash payments at convenience stores and bank ATMs to cashless payments such as internet banking and electronic money. We are promoting DX related to purchasing behavior by providing a remittance service that automates refunds and remittances to users. Through the business alliance between WELLNET and palan, we aim to become the de facto standard for WebXR commerce.
■ About palan Co., Ltd.
palan Co., Ltd. has been developing using WebAR technology since around 2017, when there are few domestic cases.
Since the start of WebAR system development, we have received requests for service creation and development from a wide range of industries, including local governments and the entertainment industry. We have been working on popular services such as a digital photo frame, a WebAR aquarium where 3D fish swim in the real world, and a WebAR business card that can show employee self-introductions and PR videos. We will continue to research and develop WebAR technology based on customer feedback.
■Company profile
Company name: palan Co., Ltd.
Location: Shimizu Building 2F, 1-58-16 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Eiji Saito
Established: November 1, 2016 Main business: Planning, development, implementation, maintenance and consulting of websites and web systems

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