Panasonic Group Delivered “i-X INTEGRAL BATHROOM / SHOWERROOM” and “Ceiling Bus Audio” to a hotel in Ginza Corridor Street

Panasonic Group
Delivered “i-X INTEGRAL BATHROOM / SHOWERROOM” and “Ceiling Bus Audio” to a hotel in Ginza Corridor Street

Panasonic Housing Solutions Co., Ltd. (President: Shoji Yamada, Headquarters: Kadoma City, Osaka) announced that the hotel “The Royal Park Canvas Ginza Corridor” (6-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will open on November 16, 2022 (Wednesday). -11, 161 rooms in total)”, bathrooms and shower rooms for hotels and condominiums, and the optional “Ceiling Bath Audio” were installed in 159 rooms.
[Image 1d3442-4921-ff6ad6ebddeb63648282-0.jpg&s3=3442-4921-69cd38233999281a96123b169516f306-1451x553.jpg
Since its launch in January 2018, i-X INTEGRAL SHOWERROOM, a shower room for hotels and condominiums, has been adopted by about 40 facilities, mainly hotels. This time, “i-X INTEGRAL SHOWERROOM” and “ceiling bath audio” are installed in 141 of the 161 rooms, and “i-X INTEGRAL BATHROOM” and “ceiling bath audio” are installed in 18 rooms. “i-X” is a unit bathroom released in 2006, pursuing simple beauty based on the concept of “a space where people can be healed to the fullest”. We observe people’s behavior and lifestyles on a daily basis, and continue to evolve through repeated research.
Among them, “i-X INTEGRAL” is a fusion of our advanced technology with a design that pursues the Japanese sensibility and aesthetic sense of “Inei Raisan”. This series was launched with the aim of further improving the comfortable “light” that is a product feature, and the high quality of “walls” and “ceilings” that receive and express light. At “The Royal Park Canvas Ginza Corridor”, we have prepared a lot of contents mainly with the theme of alcohol and music under the concept of “getting drunk”. As one of them, we installed our “Ceiling Bath Audio” in the shower room. Even while bathing, you can enjoy the spread of sound that can only be experienced in the bathroom, enveloping your entire body as if you were in an audio room. In addition, as a Panasonic product, Hi-Fi audio brand “Technics” products were also adopted. All guest rooms are equipped with the SC-C50 wireless speaker system so that you can enjoy music even in your room. In addition, a grand-class audio system was installed in the “OMIKI BAR” on the second floor, and a turntable SL-1200M7L was installed in the DJ booth in the “CANVAS LOUNGE” on the same floor. This product was released in May 2022 as a model commemorating the 50th anniversary of the SL-1200 series, limited to 12,000 units worldwide.
[Image 2d3442-4921-28798ac0884dd9cb15d2-1.jpg&s3=3442-4921-3aed0562d7219ce27eb4170619a8b553-1600x1130.jpg
The design of the guest room is a carefully crafted space infused with the essence of “sake”, and it fuses with our company’s “i-X INTEGRAL” “simple beauty,” “comfort,” and “feelings of quality.” .
[Image 3d3442-4921-a307fcedcafbb81e292d-2.png&s3=3442-4921-09dec3ab26e334bd131a91e795ee1020-897x561.png
[Image 4d3442-4921-d76419531cf86aee0911-3.png&s3=3442-4921-3d8c651bbb7ecaa009a44762d930d060-898x558.png
[Image 5d3442-4921-70e91e8cdcaa61c5c763-4.png&s3=3442-4921-30382e50967638978ec22726473cf4ab-895x561.png
The “i-X INTEGRAL BATHROOM / SHOWERROOM” wall pattern delivered this time is “Aerial Beige” (guest room: PROSECCO TYPE) with a motif of the scene of the natural world, and “Deep Purple”, a color gradation image of Yuzen gradation dyeing (guest room: OMIKI TYPE) and “Deep Black)” (guest room: CANVAS TYPE), and camellia-inspired metallic “Camellia Black” (guest room: CANVAS TYPE). Achieving a delicate expression that allows you to enjoy visual changes.
[Image 6d3442-4921-8343554f24ba96267c3e-5.png&s3=3442-4921-795e9d8dd373962d891c8d8f428d1fb3-891x555.png
bathroom wall colors
All rooms are equipped with “flat line LED lighting,” which creates a soft “shadow” throughout the space. You can enjoy the change of expression by switching between white and warm colors with the dimming function. “Ceiling bus audio” is embedded in the ceiling, so it blends into the space and has a beautiful finish.
[Image 7d3442-4921-a461fdc47ead34fee1d0-6.png&s3=3442-4921-f52ac72983fa5300a06d78f25938f8d0-587x266.png
Flat line LED lighting
With i-X INTEGRAL, we will continue to propose new bathrooms that combine functionality and beauty, mainly for hotels and other lodging facilities.
[Image 8d3442-4921-e86b77984ebf5f6d8d6c-7.jpg&s3=3442-4921-8dcc510cfb7c503c90b6dc42c3763665-3900x2359.jpg
*Bathroom “i-X” and “Ceiling Bath Audio” are Good Design Award winning products. -Reference-
・”Bathroom i-X STRESS ・”i-X INTEGRAL” site
・The Royal Park Canvas Ginza Corridor Official Website
・Technics brand site
・May 27, 2022 ~A hotel aiming to provide the best nightlife in Tokyo based on the concept of “intoxicating” will be born in the Ginza Corridor~Announcement of opening and acceptance of “The Royal Park Canvas Ginza Corridor”
(Royal Park Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd.)
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