Panasonic Group Started providing Wi-Fi 6 compatible commercial Wi-Fi base stations

Panasonic Group
Started providing Wi-Fi 6 compatible Wi-Fi base stations for business use


Wi-Fi 6 compatible business Wi-Fi base station EA-7HW04AP1
Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director, Executive Officer, President and CEO: Yasuyuki Higuchi, hereinafter referred to as Panasonic Connect) announced on February 17, 2021, the new business “On-site
multi-network service (* 1) As a new lineup of wireless networks in , we will start offering the EA-7HW04AP1 Wi-Fi 6 compatible commercial Wi-Fi base station from the end of November 2022. We will strengthen the lineup by adding this product to the current commercial Wi-Fi base station series “WINDIO”.
In recent years, due to the increase in the number of terminals with communication functions and the increase in data capacity, there is a demand for an environment in which multiple terminals can connect and communicate at the same time. We are here. This access point has a fair (*2) transmission performance of approximately 5 Mbps for 50 tablet terminals, providing a stable communication environment with high speed and multiple connections suitable for mobile business, and can be used in harsh indoor environments. We also provide a network environment that can be used for various solutions.
It can also be used to provide hotspots at airports, stations, hotels, etc., and to enhance the office environment. You can easily create a Fi area and create a high-speed data communication environment at various sites. In addition, by providing Wi-Fi services by dividing multiple SSIDs (*4) with one access point, it can be used for business purposes such as business tablets, wearable terminals, IP cameras and service robots. You can use services such as public wireless LAN that are open to general users at the same time.
Panasonic Connect’s “on-site multi-network service” is a service for realizing digital transformation on-site through networks, software, and edge devices. We support DX (Digital Transformation) at
mission-critical sites by providing Wi-Fi base stations and other optimal networks that meet site needs according to the environment and usage.
■ Main features
1. Providing a stable communication environment with high speed and multiple connections suitable for mobile business
・Fair (*2) reception of HD video (*5) is possible even in an environment where 50 tablets and notebook PCs are connected at the same time. It is also possible to uplink multiple 4K cameras. ・Equipped with a high-speed handover (IEEE802.11r) function (*6). Reduced sound interruption when moving between cells during a VoIP call.
2. Can be used in harsh environments at operational sites, and can meet space-saving installation needs
・Dust-proof and drip-proof performance that can be used in harsh environments such as stores, factories, and warehouses where water droplets and dust scatter.
(Compatible with IP42 (*7) (when installed on a wall or stand)) ・Compact size that can meet the space-saving installation needs of railways, etc.
(Width 160 mm x Height 160 mm x Depth 37 mm)
3. Expanding solutions
By combining solutions such as face recognition, mobile inspection, and video transmission, you can use solutions in places where wired lines cannot be laid, such as event venues and public areas. By connecting a WAN line with a Panasonic Connect 5G gateway, it is possible to easily create a Wi-Fi area even in places where there is no wired connection, making it possible to create a high-speed data communication environment at various sites. In addition, by providing an access authentication server, it supports EAP-AKA authentication (USIM) (*8) and EAP-TLS authentication (certificate) (*9). It enables integrated management with Panasonic Connect’s private LTE and local 5G. In the future, further flexible network design will be possible by linking with Panasonic Connect’s local 5G with multi-access
*1. Press release URL *2. Controlling almost equal communication throughput for all terminals connected to an access point.
*3. An outdoor gateway product that supports multiple frequency bands of 5G and 4G currently being sold by Panasonic Connect.
*4. A character string used to identify IEEE802.11 wireless LAN access points. Communication is possible only when the SSID (Service set identifier) ​​of each terminal and the access point match.
*5. Abbreviation for High Definition. Image quality with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 or 1,920 x 1,080 (full HD). Used in many IP cameras and video conferencing systems.
*6. A high-speed authentication mechanism called Fast Service Self Transition. Wireless LAN performs re-authentication when the connection destination changes, but IEEE802.11r can perform the re-authentication at high speed.
*7. The IP standard (waterproof and dustproof standard) is a standard established by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) that indicates the waterproof and dustproof performance of electrical products, which is also adopted by JIS. The first numerical symbol 4, which indicates IP42 dust resistance, is the level at which solid objects with a diameter of 1.0 mm or more cannot enter inside, and the second numerical symbol 2, which indicates waterproofness, is within 15° left and right of the vertical of the product. A level test standard that is not adversely affected by rainfall.
*8. An extended authentication protocol for improving the security of user authentication when communication devices such as smartphones and tablet terminals with built-in USIM (Universal Subscriber Identify Module) cards connect to Wi-Fi Internet services.
*9. An authentication method used in PPP and IEEE802.1X. A type of EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) that uses digital certificates instead of IDs and passwords.
Wi-Fi is a trademark or registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Please see the press release below for the full text.
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