PANDASTUDIO.TV Co., Ltd. Panda Studio rental site supports 133 languages

Panda Studio rental site supports 133 languages
Promoting globalization and meeting the needs of all users

PANDASTUDIO.TV Co., Ltd. (Representative: Masahiro Nishimura, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has significantly increased the number of languages ​​supported on the Panda Studio rental site, and now supports 133 languages. We will promptly promote universal design and global support to meet all kinds of needs.

■ Panda studio rental
Service started in 2016. We have a wide range of items from
specialized video equipment such as video shooting and live
distribution to home appliances. The number exceeds 60,000 items of 8,000 types, and in particular, we boast the largest inventory of live streaming and YouTube-related equipment in Japan, and we have a wide variety of communication equipment such as the latest 5G mobile routers.
With the slogan of “the best video experience for everyone!” We are developing five businesses: equipment rental, studio rental, relay distribution, studio construction, and LED vision rental, and are creating a sensation in the video industry.
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