“Paperless contract” exceeded 500 results in 5 months from the start!

Open House Group Co., Ltd.
“Paperless contract” exceeded 500 results in 5 months from the start!
Started in June 2022 at Open House Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Open House”), a group company of Open House Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Masaaki Arai, hereinafter “Company”) We are pleased to inform you that the number of “paperless contracts” has exceeded 500.
Since 2019, some of the procedures at the open house have been online, so after the enforcement of the Digital Reform Law in September 2021 and the revision of the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law in May 2022, electronic contracts will start in June. Did. Since many of our customers are individuals who are purchasing a home for the first time, we place importance on deep understanding so that they can conduct transactions safely and securely. Before signing a contract, our sales representatives will explain important matters face-to-face, and when explaining complicated real estate matters, we will ask you to refer to printed documents while sharing them on the screen. By forming a team specializing in item explanations and having staff members with nearly 100 years of experience explain the matters, customers can enjoy the benefits of both offline and online
explanations, which has been well received by customers. There are also advantages in that the burden of stamp duty on the customer is greatly reduced, and real estate transactions can be done overseas or in remote areas.
In addition to the DX promotion that we have implemented so far, such as 3D exhibition halls, automation applications for document creation, and online design consultation, the Group will continue to make concerted efforts to connect to customer convenience and satisfaction. I will come.
About Open House Group Co., Ltd.’s approach to digital transformation On March 1, 2022, we acquired certification as a “DX certified business operator” based on the DX (digital transformation)
certification system established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. We are striving to reform management, create a foundation for data collaboration and sharing throughout society, and ensure safety.
In addition, our group utilizes digital technology to build a number of unique systems that back up our strength in integrated
manufacturing and sales, and is promoting DX. There have already been many reports of improvements in operational efficiency by digitizing paper-centered business practices, which have long been emphasized in the real estate industry.
About Open House Group Co., Ltd.
From January 2022, Open House Co., Ltd. and related companies have transitioned to a holding company structure with Open House Group Co., Ltd. as the pure holding company. The group’s business is centered on detached house-related business, condominium business, profit-earning real estate business, and real estate business in the United States, and develops various services related to housing and living. We have expanded to the Osaka and Fukuoka areas, and in recent years, we have also been focusing on activities for regional co-creation and environmental conservation activities. In the detached house business, which has been our main business since our founding in 1997, we have established an integrated production, sales, and management system that encompasses land purchase, construction, sales, and management, providing housing in convenient locations at affordable prices. I’m here. With the increase in dual-income households, we have been promoting initiatives that are unique to the Group, such as locations close to work and home, and plans to meet new needs amidst
diversifying work styles. The Group will continue to strive to provide housing that will be chosen by even more customers.
Open House Group Co., Ltd. Website URL: https://openhouse-group.co.jp/ Open House Co., Ltd. Website URL: https://oh.openhouse-group.com/ company overview
Trade name: Open House Group Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Marunouchi Building 12F, 2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6312
Founded: September 1997
Representative: Masaaki Arai, President and Representative Director Capital: 20,070,080,000 yen
Number of employees: 4,080 (consolidated, as of the end of March 2022) Details about this release:

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