PARCO Co., Ltd. A Christmas miracle delivered by ALL Tsudanuma! Tsudanuma Projection Mapping ~TSUMUGU-TSUNAGU-TSUDANUMA~

Parco Co., Ltd.
ALL Tsudanuma brings you the miracle of Christmas!! Tsudanuma Projection Mapping ~TSUMUGU-TSUNAGU-TSUDANUMA~
December 2, 2022 (Friday) 18:00-21:00 / December 3 (Saturday) 17:00-21:00 JR Tsudanuma Station North Exit Pedestrian Deck Special Viewing Area

Tsudanuma’s shopping association, government, business operators, schools, and transportation operators worked together to set up a large-scale projector on the roof of JR Tsudanuma Station using the entire wall surface of Building A of Tsudanuma PARCO, which will close in February next year. Expand projection mapping. -ALL Tsudanuma- will bring you a once-in-a-lifetime show that colors Tsudanuma on Christmas!
■ YouTube live distribution decision! ! In addition, the recording will be released at a later date! !
■ A joint project to liven up the Tsudanuma projection mapping will be held at restaurants and shops in the Tsudanuma area!
■Chiba Institute of Technology students also participated! The Tsudanuma part of the future will be handled by Chiba Institute of Technology students!
■Projection Mapping At the end of the event, a thank you message from the general public will be displayed!
[Image 1

Broadcast: Main story 5 minutes Broadcast at 00, 15, 30, and 45 minutes every hour (total of 30 times, replacement system)
Venue: JR Tsudanuma Station North Exit Pedestrian Deck Special Area -Free Viewing- Rain or shine/Cancelled in stormy weather
Organizer: Tsudanuma Station North Exit Community Development Council Projection Mapping Executive Committee
Co-sponsored by: Tsudanuma 1-chome Store Association/Funabashi City Maehara Store Association/Narashino Chamber of Commerce Large Store Liaison Council/Funabashi Large Store Liaison Council/Tsudanuma PARCO Cooperation: JR East Tsudanuma Station/Chiba Institute of
Technology/Funabashi City Local Museum/Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd./Shiroi Building Co., Ltd.
Supported by: Narashino City/Funabashi City/Narashino Chamber of Commerce/Funabashi Chamber of Commerce/Funabashi Chamber of
Commerce/Narashino City Federation of Stores/Funabashi City Federation of Stores/Funabashi Tourism Association/Narashino City Board of Education/Funabashi City Board of Education
Planning and production: Otani Design Institute Co., Ltd.
work concept
~Tsumugutsu Nagutsu Danuma~
[Image 2

[Image 3

Tsudanuma, which “weaves” history. And the thoughts of people who “connect” the past and the future.
A big party of light and sound that links each era and puts everyone’s memories and thoughts on the future will be developed with projection mapping and upper music.
“Tsudanuma PARCO actually had a huge time machine hidden!”
Centering on a time machine that flies with people’s thoughts and memories as energy, it runs through each era with impressive productions and develops as a powerful mapping video.
-NEWS- The future part will be handled by Chiba Institute of Technology students.
The young people who will be responsible for the future will draw the future of Tsudanuma with plenty of imagination.
(Currently under construction, the image is an image)
-NEWS- [Surprise messages solicited from the general public] [Image 4

At the end of the projection mapping, a message of gratitude from the general public, collected through crowdfunding, will appear. Your name will be displayed alternately in each message selected from “Thank you always”, “Do your best”, “I love you very much”, “I hope you’re fine forever”, and “Happy Birthday”.
*This recruitment will end on Tuesday, November 15th.
-NEWSWe are planning to liven up the Tsudanuma projection mapping at restaurants and shops in the Tsudanuma area! Participating shops are increasing one after another! !
Period: November 15th (Tuesday) to December 15th (Thursday)
-NEWSOn the day of the event, we will be broadcasting LIVE on YOUTUBE at Maehara Shopping Street in Funabashi City.
In addition, we will publish what we recorded at a later date. You can enjoy projection mapping even if you are not at the venue. (The message will not be published in the recording at a later date) [Viewing area]
Tsudanuma Station North Exit Pedestrian Deck Special viewing areas A to D have been set up for you to view.
In order to hold the event safely, traffic will be regulated around the venue on the day.
Viewing area D is a priority area for people with physical
disabilities, pregnant women, and people with children.
[Image 5

*The event may be canceled or suspended for safety reasons.
* Please follow the instructions of the staff and only view in the designated viewing area.
*Because of the replacement system, please change to the next person after viewing.
*From the perspective of preventing new coronavirus infection, wearing masks and eating and drinking are prohibited in the viewing area. *All areas, including viewing area D, are standing room only. *Please use public transportation when visiting.
[Opening ceremony]
December 2 (Friday) 17:45-18:00
Venue: Pedestrian deck viewing area C special stage
Guests: Narashino City Mayor Taisuke Miyamoto, Funabashi City Mayor Toru Matsudo The mayors of both Narashino City and Funabashi City, which symbolize Tsudanuma, will appear to celebrate the opening of Tsudanuma Projection Mapping.
[Image 6d3639-2243-97a0087b2ce6564d8ce9-6.jpg&s3=3639-2243-d06264ecec870c35e06eda4d8589b1d8-196x270.jpg
Mayor Taisuke Miyamoto
[Image 7d3639-2243-b46825aa2e5e6cc57b44-7.jpg&s3=3639-2243-a86861c0748290b40e59960a3466b8c9-1036x1375.jpg
Mayor Toru Matsudo

Tsudanuma Projection Mapping Website YouTube (published from the day of the event)
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