Parco Co., Ltd. The fashion and culture think tank “ACROSS”, which has accumulated field surveys for over 40 years, has reached 500 “fixed-point observations”

Parco Co., Ltd.
The fashion and culture think tank ACROSS, which has been conducting on-site surveys for over 40 years, has reached 500 fixed-point observations.

PARCO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President Executive Officer: Kozo Makiyama, hereinafter PARCO) will be held monthly from August 1980 by the media “ACROSS” editorial office operated by the fashion and culture think tank department. We are pleased to report that the “Fixed Point
Observation” has reached its 500th anniversary on November 5, 2022. [Image 1

“Fixed Point Observation” is a modern version of “modernology” advocated by folklorist Wajiro Kon.
For example, “college student boom”, “crow tribe”, “shibu casual”, “high school girl boom”, “suburban culture”, “Akiba kei”, “forest girl”, “Y2K look”, etc. It can be said that it is a documentary that has recorded the various fashions and cultures, the young generation, and adults that have arisen over the course of 41 years.
Now that data science is said to be the main axis of management and marketing, attention is being paid to an anthropological approach to the young people who gather there and the fashion culture.
What is “ACROSS”?
A media run by PARCO’s fashion and culture think tank division, first published in 1978. Since August 1980, we have conducted monthly “fixed-point observations” on the streets of Tokyo, and have studied the fashion culture and customs of young people to this day. Since 2000, it has been published on the online media “ACROSS
(”. In addition to the “Fixed Point Observation”, the “Consumer Life of the Month” project, in which each person’s life history is recorded in a diary style, is also popular. [Image 2

★[Web Across]
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★ In August 2021, the book “Street Fashion 1980-2020 Record of 40 Years of Fixed Point Observation” will be on sale.
The research know-how and the vast amount of data we have cultivated are extremely valuable in looking back on the times and trends, and have led to joint research with external companies, marketing research, consulting, and external lectures.
What is fixed point observation?
For more than 40 years since August 1980, it is a practical fieldwork research every month centering on three locations: Shibuya, Harajuku, and Shinjuku. Its roots lie in modern studies by architect/folklore researcher Wajiro Kon. I study the trendy fashion and culture of the time. Through more than 40 years of activity, we have more than 30,000 photographs and interview data.
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[Image 5d3639-2242-67e5e01d84509129b3d0-4.jpg&s3=3639-2242-51b8e42ca1033b708644abd169ce4b68-635x636.jpg

Introducing the Editor-in-Chief
Kumiko Takano
In charge of youth, fashion, culture, media, etc. in the editorial department of the magazine “Monthly Across”. Launched as a web magazine in 2000 and started activities as a fashion and culture think tank. In 2017, he participated in the Google Culture Project “We Wear Culture”. Co-authored “Fashion began to talk-Contemporary Japanese fashion criticism” (Film Art Publishing), and in August 2021, “Street fashion 1980-2020 fixed point observation 40 years record” (PARCO Publishing) as a co-author of the editorial office. Lecturer at Bunka Gakuen University Graduate School and Showa Women’s University. Keio University Graduate School of Policy and Media Studies doctoral course.
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