Parenting × ️ two-base life From November 25th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday), “mix Family Camp 2022 Autumn 2022 – 2 ~Let’s make a forest playground!~” will be held!

MoonBase Co., Ltd.
[Child-rearing x two-base life] From November 25th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday), “mix Family Camp 2022 Autumn 2022 – 2 ~ Let’s make a forest playground! ~” will be held!
Furusato stay where family, community and nature mix

Co-Sato, a child-rearing community that shares the “favorite countryside” operated by MoonBase Co., Ltd. (Tatsuno-cho, Kamiina-gun, Nagano Prefecture / Representative Director: Yutaro Kosuge), is a “mix Family Camp 2022 Autumn-2-” for child-rearing households. Let’s make a forest playground!” will be held from November 25th (Friday) to November 27th (Sunday), 2022 in Tatsuno Town, Nagano Prefecture. [Image 1d84391-4-382ce67effe3077c9d5e-0.png&s3=84391-4-9fc4099b373ae3a4344ab5d729153d5e-2100x1181.png
■ Overview of “mix Family Camp 2022 Autumn-2”
“I usually live in urban areas, but I want to take my children to the great outdoors where they can run around to their heart’s content!” “However, we don’t know where to play and what to do by ourselves, and we feel lonely.”
“I want to create opportunities for children to interact with people who do not usually come into contact with them.”
I made this project for those who have such thoughts.
Two or three families who want to fully enjoy the great outdoors of Tatsuno-cho gather at the same time, stay in the same old private house, and play together with local children and adults and students who are familiar with forest play, 3 days and 2 nights. is an event. On the final day, the participants who met there, the local children, and the parents became good friends like one big extended family, and they wanted to come back to see them regularly.
This time, the theme will be “Creating a secret base in the forest”. Overview of the event:
Event name: “mix Family Camp 2022 Autumn-2-Let’s create a forest playground!” Period: November 25th (Friday) to November 27th (Sunday), 2022 Venue: Kawashima Ward, Tatsuno Town, Nagano Prefecture
Event size: about 3 families
Details and application: program:
11/25 (Friday)
Meet around 19:00 (If you want to take a hot spring instead of the bath at home, please take a bath first before coming.)
Evening → Dinner (hot pot) at an old private house
11/26 (Sat)
Morning → Free time, preparation for playing in the forest
Afternoon → Playing in the forest from around noon (lunch (hot sandwiches by the bonfire), making a secret base, making a hammock, etc.)
Night → Onsen, dinner at an old folk house with local children’s families (the former proprietress of a Japanese restaurant will come to cook meals using local vegetables etc.)
11/27 (Sun)
Morning → Making a flag for a secret base with vegetable dyeing experience Afternoon → Bonfire, roasted sweet potato
16:00 Dissolution
Participation fee (including breakfast and dinner):
Family of 2 (1 parent, 1 child): 67,000 yen
Family of 3 (2 parents, 1 child): 105,000 yen
Family of 3 (1 parent, 2 children): 96,000 yen
Family of 4 (2 parents, 2 children): 134,000 yen
Family of 5 (2 parents, 3 children): 163,000 yen
*Free for children under 2 years old
* Includes meals on the first day, morning and evening on the second day, and breakfast on the third day
* If you join or leave midway, the price will be lower, so please contact us. ※ Payment method: cash on the day or advance bank transfer
■ About Co-Sato
“Favorite countryside” where family, community and nature mix Nowadays, life should be more free.
Even though I live in the city, there is a “countryside” that I continue to visit several times a year.
Families who want to live in such a way get together, share an old private house, and share their hometown (Co-Sato).
Realize an ideal way of life that cannot be realized by one family with the power of the community.
That is Co-Sato.
home page:
Value provided by Co-Sato:
1. Stay together
By staying in the same old folk house with other participants’ families and student staff, the families become so mixed up and close to each other that by the morning of the second day, it’s hard to tell who’s child is who.
It is characterized by a space that is like a gathering of relatives who gather once a year on New Year’s Day, while being at home and full of stimulation.
[Image 2d84391-4-096cf2571e5f58a7acd4-1.jpg&s3=84391-4-a1b0a831daa935615b3d4e215b87197e-2048x1365.jpg
2. Make friends with local families
Local children and their parents will also participate during the event, such as when eating dinner at an old folk house or when experiencing nature.
This will allow both children and parents to make local friends and create a place where they can think, “I’ll come back to see XX.” [Image 3d84391-4-f52c90fddec67036002f-2.jpg&s3=84391-4-ad49aa3e97dd31e809c296c8320ea276-2048x1365.jpg
3. Authentic nature experience
Based on the concept of “Let’s play with the earth!” and invent play with the children.
[Image 4d84391-4-6d4dc5b88fa7cdbb2b07-3.jpg&s3=84391-4-94c07c77270809697b870995d6ad2947-2048x1365.jpg
4. Student Staff
On the day of the event, 4 to 5 student staff who love children will act together and stay together.
For children, having an older brother or older sister who plays with them gives them a lot of pampering and they can enjoy themselves. Parents also don’t need to be constantly with their children, so they can interact with each other and have time to relax.
[Image 5d84391-4-c3087aa00a6392f6bf28-4.jpg&s3=84391-4-843537107ddc5e52de9b060f4e3f6b3a-2048x1365.jpg
■ About Tatsuno Town, Nagano Prefecture
It is a small town with a population of 19,000 located in the center of Japan. Among them, this time, the project is centered on Kawashima Ward, which has been selected as one of only four migration model districts in Nagano Prefecture, where beautiful satoyama scenery spreads. November coincides with the season of autumn leaves, and there is no doubt that the scenery will impress you.
Also, the conditions are similar to Achi Village where you can see the best stars in Japan.
I would be happy if you could use all five senses to enjoy the nature and scenery that the local people have preserved for generations, and feel the beauty and value of nature.
[Image 6d84391-4-79b74b2d50583bbc9a0d-5.png&s3=84391-4-56163bdbf452915354e0a4ea18550e42-890x500.png
2.5 hours by train from Shinjuku (Shinjuku → Okaya Station: Limited Express Azusa, Okaya Station → Tatsuno Station: Conventional Line) By car / 3 hours by highway bus (Busta Shinjuku → Chuo Expressway Tatsuno Parking Area)
■ About MoonBase Inc.
Trade name: MoonBase Inc.
Representative: Yutaro Kosuge
Location: STUDIO River 3F, 1705-1 Tatsuno, Tatsuno-cho, Kamiina-gun, Nagano Prefecture
Mission: “Freedom to Live”
Business description: Operation of Co-Sato, a child-rearing community that shares the “favorite countryside”, related population creation project, operation of Rural Labo, a regional revitalization community ■ Inquiries
TELL: 070-2823-6536 (representative Kosuge)
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