Parkour lifestyle brand “TOOLISM” released!

Calf Co., Ltd.
Parkour lifestyle brand “TOOLISM” released!

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Carf Co., Ltd.’s parkour facility design company “Parkour Design Lab (PDL)” will launch the lifestyle brand “TOOLISM” as a new movement in the parkour scene in Japan on Saturday, November 19th on the 3rd floor of the head office. to launch. Along with the introduction of PDL’s original parkour equipment, we will introduce concept furniture that expresses the TOOLISM philosophy, and a photographic art project by parkour artist ZEN, who is active both in Japan and overseas. [Image 2

Where you see is Where you go
to where you want to go.
“TOOLISM” is a lifestyle brand project in which PDL expresses the world view of parkour through original products and art.
A new lifestyle begins with original products and spaces inspired by parkour culture.
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-TOOLISM Concept Furniture-
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Original products inspired by parkour culture

Parkour Design Lab
PDL is Japan’s only parkour facility design and construction company that started in 2018 as a division that creates parkour lifestyle facilities and equipment for urban sports “parkour” handled by interior product company Karhu Co., Ltd.
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-PDL Original Parkour Equipment-
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PORTBOARD SYSTEM: System type obstacles that enable a wide range of parkour training and performance
ZEN captures the appearance of the towns he encountered while traveling around the world while doing parkour and his own movements from a unique perspective, with the theme of leaving “the appearance of things that exist in the city”. I will exhibit my work.
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A photographic art work by parkour artist ZEN that cuts out the expression of the city along with physical expression.
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ZEN: Parkour Artist
Artist born in Tokyo in 1993. Encountered parkour at the age of 15, went to the United States the following year and immersed himself in physical expression in the city. Won the 2015 All-American
Championship in the competitive scene. 2020 world championship winner. After that, I put my heart into it and started making art.
Many of the works that ZEN is currently exhibiting are from a unique perspective that captures the appearance of the towns that ZEN encountered while traveling around the world while doing parkour, as well as his own movements. The theme is to leave the appearance of In 2019, he was selected as one of Newsweek’s “100 Japanese Respected by the World”.
ZEN Official Website
Parkour Design Lab
Calf shop 3F
3-10-11-3F Meguro, Meguro-ku

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