Parksha Technology PKSHA Algorithm Engineer Wins 3rd Place in Competition Hosted by Kaggle, the World’s Largest Data Science Community

Paksha Technology
PKSHA Algorithm Engineer Wins 3rd Place in Competition Hosted by Kaggle, the World’s Largest Data Science Community

PKSHA Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Katsuya Uenoyama, hereinafter referred to as PKSHA) announced that at the Kaggle Days x Z by HP World Championship Final Event hosted by the world’s largest data science community “Kaggle”, We are pleased to announce that the team to which PKSHA’s algorithm engineer, Tomomu Iwai belongs, won the 3rd prize.
Award history
The Kaggle Days x Z by HP World Championship Final Event (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”) will be held in Barcelona on October 28th and 29th, 2022, with 77 out of 5,321 participants participating in qualifying tournaments held around the world. However, we competed to see how highly accurate the model could be developed in a limited amount of time for the given task. A team of 4 people, including Tomomu Iwai, who is active as an algorithm engineer at PKSHA, won 3rd place in this competition, where 1.5% of all participants gathered. Iwai also won the highest award in the “mini-contest to propose a machine learning solution to solve the hunger problem in 40 minutes” attached to the event.
Under the vision of “co-evolution of people and software”, the PKSHA Group mainly implements solutions related to natural language processing, image recognition, machine learning / deep learning technology, and software through AI SaaS. . In order to solve complex social issues and develop software that continues to operate stably toward the realization of social implementation, engineers are required to have extremely advanced algorithm construction ability and solution proposal ability. At our company, engineers with world-class skills cultivated through various self-improvements, including Mr. Iwai, who won this year’s competition, are making every effort to create new algorithms and solve real-world problems.
About Kaggle Competitions
“Kaggle” is the world’s largest data science community under Google, with over 11 million registered users. Among them, there are about 200,000 registrants worldwide who have participated in the Kaggle Competition, which challenges various social issues with data science, called “Kaggler”, and there are five ranks according to the
achievements. can be divided into (*) The Kaggle Competition is usually held online, but the Kaggle Days Event (* In 2), the top data scientists compete locally and attract attention every time. Winners who win medals in the competition will win the title of Kaggle Master or Grandmaster according to their achievements. Approximately 1% of all Kaggle masters are masters, and PKSHA has four Kaggle masters, including Iwai, who are working to develop and study algorithms that face many social issues on a daily basis.
*: Global Kaggle Competition participants: *2: About Kaggle Days Event: ◆ PKSHA Technology Algorithm Engineer Chimu Iwai Profile

Researched information anonymization using a deep learning model in a graduate school master’s course (Keio University Graduate School of Science and Technology, Department of Open Environment Science). After working at a foreign investment bank, joined PKSHA Technology as an algorithm engineer. Responsible for developing machine learning/deep learning solutions that solve problems in various industries, mainly in the finance and insurance fields. He holds three gold medals at Kaggle and is a Kaggle Competitions Master.
Report by Iwai “KAGGLE DAYS X Z BY HP WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL EVENT Participation Experience-3rd Prize Winning Story-“:
◆ About PKSHA Technology Group
With the mission of “shaping the software of the future”, we develop AI solutions and provide AI SaaS using algorithms in the machine learning / deep learning areas developed in-house to create future relationships between companies and customers. I’m here. In addition to providing solutions tailored to customer issues based on a wide range of technologies such as automatic response using natural language processing technology, image/video recognition, and prediction models, we also develop AI SaaS that solves common issues. We aim to create a prosperous society where people and software evolve together by providing multifaceted support for promoting DX in Japan. Company name: PKSHA Technology Co., Ltd.
Location: Hongo Segawa Building 4F, 2-35-10 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Katsuya Uenoyama, Representative Director
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