Participated in the Japan Reskilling Consortium for a “regional co-creation internship” specializing in midd le-aged seniors in their 40s and 50s

Dialogue for Everyone Inc.
Participated in the Japan Reskilling Consortium for a “regional co-creation internship” specializing in middle-aged seniors in their 40s and 50s
Started offering a new internship-specific program

Dialogue for Everyone Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo CEO: Ayako Omomo), which provides a career autonomy x cross-border learning program that specializes in middle-aged seniors in their 40s and 50s, allows anyone to play an active role regardless of age. Aiming for society, from November, participating organizations such as the national government, local governments, and companies will join together to participate in the “Japan Reskilling Consortium” that supports reskilling (*) that updates the skills of everyone. [Image 1d62206-12-7d118f5b40ae4c4be6cc-0.png&s3=62206-12-d13a1da274bd980cef25a161ee58572c-416x287.png
(*) Reskilling: Acquisition/development of necessary skills in order to take on a new occupation or to adapt to a drastic change in the skills required in the current occupation. (Source: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/Recruit Works Institute)
■ Background of participation
Over 50% of the labor force is over 45 years old, and one in three employees of major companies is in their 50s. In April 2021, the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons was revised, and companies are obliged to make efforts to secure employment
opportunities up to the age of 70. We are entering a society where it is normal to work until the age of 70.
On the other hand, only 6.3%* of major companies invest in middle-aged and seniors, and more than 40% of people in their 50s have never attended training*2. It can be said that the efforts to make use of the rich experience of the company in society as a whole are yet to come.
In addition, the middle-aged and seniors who actually work themselves are confused in the career view that it is good to “enter a company” and entrust their career development to the company, and they are not able to take action for career autonomy. Since 2020, we have been providing a career autonomy support program mainly to middle-aged and seniors who are enrolled in major urban companies. I am not confident that I will be able to be useful outside the company because I have only had the experience of working in Japan,” and “I feel vague anxiety about continuing to work at the same company until I retire, but I cannot put down my experience.” The reality is that we hear a lot of voices that narrow their sexuality and hold negative thoughts. For many middle-aged and seniors who face these issues, we provide career training that serves as a foundation for reskilling, and an internship program at a local company that serves as a “test of in-house skills outside the company” before changing jobs or doing a side job. With a strong desire to support opportunities for
middle-aged and seniors with extensive experience to autonomously draw their next career vision and strategically acquire new skills, we have decided to join the Japan Reskilling Consortium. I was lucky enough to participate.
Through this participation, we will accelerate our activities with the aim of realizing a society where it is natural for us to “remove age limits and live as we please.”
*Persol Research Institute, “Fact-finding Survey on Senior Human Resource Management in Companies,” 2020
*2 Japan Institute for Labor Policy and Training “Survey of Life and Career Awareness of Workers” 2021
◼️Overview of the internship-specific program “Next Jibun Project Second Career Exploration Internship”
Responding to needs such as “I want to try my in-house experience outside the company” and “I’m worried about suddenly starting a new job or a side job”, this is an internship program at a local company as a practice opportunity before starting a side job, parallel work, or changing jobs.
Over 20 regions nationwide, full remote accompaniment to the challenges of local companies that “have things they want to do but can’t handle”. For the entire period of 3 months, a qualified full-time coach will introduce you to the internship company that suits you, prepare application documents, attend interviews, and provide thorough support to expand your new career options.
[Image 2d62206-12-676a337476828b4290d2-1.png&s3=62206-12-37b4cedbe437c407cb9d86bdd7b1512c-1179x937.png
◼Company Profile
Dialogue for Everyone Co., Ltd. has the purpose of “going beyond the comfort zone”, “enjoying unexpected developments”, and “living to your heart’s content beyond the limits of age”. By providing programs such as cross-border learning such as internships at local companies and career courses, we will support the construction of a second career in which everyone can shine regardless of age in the era of 100-year lifespans.
Company name: Dialogue for Everyone Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-3-23-411 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 24, 2020
Representative: Representative Director Ayako Omomo
Business description: Planning and operation of human resource development programs
■ About Japan Reskilling Consortium
The “Japan Reskilling Consortium” is a new attempt to work on “reskilling” to update the skills of everyone in Japan, regardless of region, gender, or age, by working together with the national government, local governments, and private companies. We will create opportunities for people all over the country to continue learning by expanding the circle of partnerships, such as providing training programs by various companies, employment support, and a wide range of employment opportunities such as side jobs, freelancers, and part-time jobs.
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