Participation is free The 10th ILS will finally start tomorrow! Introducing featured programs

Project Nippon Co., Ltd.
[Participation is free] The 10th ILS will finally start tomorrow! Introducing featured programs
Four days to experience the big trends of innovation [10th ILS]
Asia’s largest open innovation festival
November 29 (Tue)-December 2 (Fri) @ Toranomon Hills (Tokyo) & online simultaneous delivery
The 10th Innovation Leaders Summit (abbreviation: 10th ILS), the largest open innovation festival in Asia, operated by Project Nippon Co., Ltd., supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, will be held from November 29 (Tuesday) to December 2 ( It will be held at Toranomon Hills on Friday). * Some online simultaneous delivery
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[Three Benefits of Participating in ILS Events]
〇 138 promising startups exhibit the latest technologies and products, and can be contacted directly
〇 187 promising startups showcased advanced technologies on the pitch 〇A well-known VC took the stage at the large company collaboration session, introducing the overseas innovation ecosystem by the embassy Click here for advance application and reservation
[Table 3: ]
● Japan Finance Corporation Venture Pitch
Algae bio-venture to replace fuel, decarbonization with the world’s smallest information processing device, metamaterials, etc.
16 venture companies aiming for high growth will make pitches using the Japan Finance Corporation. ● MUFG startup booth
World’s first fully off-grid unit, Doppler lidar to visualize wind, 60% reduction in inquiries
Notable startups supported by MUFG Bank Growth Industry Support Office, such as FAQ system, exhibited. ● NEDO Dream Pitch
Indigo LED light to control organisms, risk avoidance in autonomous driving, preventive medical apparel, etc.
23 startups carefully selected by NEDO will give pitches. ●Australian Embassy Hosted Seminar
Introducing the forefront of Australia’s innovation ecosystem. Presentations by Australian and Queensland Commissioners for Trade and Investment and introduction of promising Australian startups. ●SettleMint Booth
Featured software startup from Belgium participates in ILS for the first time! Introducing the world’s most complete enterprise high-performance low-code blockchain development platform.
[Table 4: ]

Startup exhibition booth (Number of booths exhibited: 138 companies) [Image 2

NEDO・J-Startup Exhibition Space-related business expanding with the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System MUFG startup booth Australia’s Innovation Booth: Australia’s Innovation Ecosystem EU startup booth ILS Startup Show SettleMint Booth: The World’s Most Complete Enterprise
High-Performance Low-Code Blockchain Platform Stripe Booth – Talk directly with sales representatives! Startup pitch (number of companies pitching: 187 companies)
[Image 3

NEDO Dream Pitch Japan Finance Corporation Venture Pitch MUFG Startup Pitch J-Startup Pitch Pitch by companies using the quasi-zenith satellite system “MICHIBIKI” ILS x Tokyo “Tokyo Green Impact Challenge Startup Pitch” Startup Pitch by ILS Field ILS TOP100 Pitch NTT DATA “From the Port of Toyosu” in ILS Seminars and keynote speeches by well-known VCs and overseas institutions [Image 4

EY Startup Innovation Webinar Seminar hosted by the Australian Embassy VC session
・New values ​​and changes in society brought about by WEB3
・The challenge of commercial EVs for the age of smart mobility ・Forefront of CVC investment at SBI
・What are the investment strategies that large companies are paying attention to now?
・Once-in-a-century industrial revolution and venture investment ・Toward co-creation of startup ecosystem
・[Large company x Startup] A collaborative method that generated over 10 billion in revenue
・Regional collaboration x open innovation
・Listen to VC representative partners and famous angels! Future investment strategy ────────────────────────────────────
▼ Overview of the 10th Innovation Leaders Summit
Free to visit/participate/watch
Date: November 29th (Tuesday) to December 2nd (Friday)
Venue: Toranomon Hills Mori Tower 5F, Toranomon Hills Forum *partially distributed online
Organizer: Innovation Leaders Summit Executive Committee (SEOU Kai/Project Nippon)
Supported by: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (tentative) / Japan Finance Corporation / Embassy of Australia
Special support: NEDO
Click here for advance application

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