Party game specialty app “Everywhere party game” released!

Qdan Co., Ltd.
Party game specialty app “Everywhere party game” released!
We have developed and released a “everywhere party game” app that can be played by 2 to 20 or more people with a total of 14 board games, paper pen games, word games, and indie games in one app.

Qdan Co., Ltd. released the “Anywhere Party Game (Dokopa)” app on November 13, 2022 on the App Store and Google Play Store. Play 14 party games online for free. We have renewed the Word Wolf Online app as a party game anywhere and released it as a new app.
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[What is a party game anywhere]
・ Online game application that can be played by 2 to 20 people – 14 party games included (additional monthly)
・Completely free
(Download it here)
Android: In addition to classic party games such as Word Wolf, NG word games, and lateral thinking games, there are also paper pen games such as Writer Shigaraki and Kokin Nanboku, and indie games such as one-page TPRG, which is popular in game commentary, ghost stories, white stories, udon TRPGs, and omniscience and omnipotence. It is an online app that specializes in party games, which also includes games. [Image 2

anywhere party game screenshot
[Development process]
Word Wolf Online, released in September 2020 as an online app for the new werewolf game Word Wolf. With permission from the authors of indie games, we have repeatedly updated the app to add new games. The total number of downloads exceeded 800,000, and the number of active users per month reached about 60,000. This time, in the third year since its release, we have decided to renew the title and design with the aim of making it a game app that will be loved even more.
In addition to online while talking on the phone, the number of scenes where apps are installed on each smartphone and used face-to-face, such as at playgrounds and drinking parties, is increasing, and you can enjoy games “anywhere” regardless of online or offline location , will be released as a new app called “Dokodemo Party Game”, an app specializing in party games.
The renewal design was commissioned to Mr. Sai Beppu, who handles many board game art. The app name, icon, and screen design have been renewed with the production of graphics and illustrations and rebranding. The screen is composed of pop illustrations and colors, with icons that look like a lot of games popping out of a smartphone. [Recorded game list (as of November 2022)]
・Ward Wolf
・20 doors
・omniscient and omnipotent
・NG word game
・Udon TRPG
・Ghost Stories White Story
・I don’t know the author
・Word Detective
・Majority party
・Word wolf with fox
・Kokin North and South
・Master number
・Are talk!
・Psychological rock-paper-scissors


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