Pasona Group Inc. Japan CHO Association Human Resources Strategy Forum held on December 2nd “The Role and Structure of the Human Resources Department to Realize Global Strategy”

Pasona Group Inc.
Japan CHO Association Personnel Strategy Forum December 2nd “The Role and System of the Personnel Department to Realize Global Strategy”
The “Japan CHO Association” (operating entity: Pasona Inc.), which aims to explore the roles and functions of the human resources department and develop “CHO (Chief Human Officer) = Chief Human Resources Officer” and next-generation CHO candidates, The Strategy Forum “The Role and Structure of the Human Resources Department to Realize Global Strategy” will be held online on Friday, December 2nd. Against the backdrop of drastic changes in the business environment and intensifying competition in Japan and overseas, the importance of global strategies for companies is increasing. Not a few.
Therefore, at the Human Resources Strategy Forum held by the Japan CHO Association, we invited Mr. Masayuki Furusawa, a professor at the Faculty of Business Administration, Kinki University, and three companies that are strategically working on global human resources. We will consider it. In addition, based on the results of a questionnaire survey conducted from March to May 2022 under the supervision of Mr. Furusawa on the “internationalization of the HR department at the head office,” the current status and issues of global HR will be explained in depth.
Through this forum, the Japan CHO Association will communicate the role of corporate personnel in a society where global competition is intensifying.
Japan CHO Association Personnel Strategy Forum Overview
Friday, December 2, 2022 14:00-16:30
Mainly for those who are in charge of human resources departments of companies *Participation is possible regardless of whether or not you are a member of the Japan CHO Association.
Participation fee:
“The role and structure of the human resources department to realize the global strategy”
Pasona Group Inc. Director and Managing Executive Officer Makiya Nambu PART1/
Keynote Speech “Situation Surrounding “Internationalization of HR Departments at Head Offices” in Japanese Companies -Considerations from the Results of a Questionnaire Survey by the Japan CHO
[Speaker] Mr. Masayuki Furusawa, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Kindai University
Introduction of initiatives by three global companies
1. Execution of global human resources strategy linked to Hitachi’s business transformation
[Speaker] Mr. Naoyuki Suzuki, General Manager, HR Strategy and Communication Department, Human Resources Division, Hitachi, Ltd. 2. Transformation of global HR linked to business strategy -From the middle-up transformation of the traditional Japanese HR organization- [Speaker] Mr. Shingo Ono, General Manager, Global Human Resources Department, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
3. “Suntory’s Global Organization and Human Resources Strategy ~ Philosophy and Global Human Resources Connected by People ~” [Speaker] Mr. Kenichi Tanaka, Deputy General Manager, People & Culture Division and General Manager, Global People & Culture Department, Suntory Holdings Limited
Talk session “Think about the role and structure of the HR department for the realization of global strategies!”
[Panelists] Mr. Naoyuki Suzuki, Mr. Shingo Ono, Mr. Kenichi Tanaka [Moderator] Mr. Masayuki Furusawa
Contact us:
Pasona Inc. Japan CHO Association Secretariat
Phone 03-6256-0284
[What is the Japan CHO Association]
Established in May 2004 by the Pasona Group as the operating body, this is a membership-based study group and exchange group organization for people involved in core human resource operations. Members include directors/executive officers, general managers, section
chiefs/managers, and diversity promotion officers/persons in charge of human resources departments, and more than 1,500 people from 700 companies have registered (as of October 2022). ). We hold monthly forums and seminars on various themes related to human resources and diversity promotion. We are working to develop “generation CHO candidates”.
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