Pathmake Holdings Co., Ltd. Redefining post-corona work and learning styles Birth of a new base for the Pathmake Group

Pathmake Holdings Co., Ltd.
Redefining post-corona work and learning styles Birth of a new base for the Pathmake Group

Pathmake Holdings Co., Ltd. (Representative Jun Usaka), which offers international qualification courses and language coaching courses, opened a group base function on the 15th floor of Shinjuku Maynds Tower on November 14th. We have prepared a free-address office space and online support facilities that naturally create communication between employees who come to work, and a self-study and classroom space where students can study comfortably outside of their homes. Representative Usaka emphasizes, “As an educational group that supports learning and the utilization of learning, we have made it a base that will redefine how to work and learn after corona.” [Image 1

Free address office space
■ Awareness of bases of the entire group
The Pathmake Group started in 1995 with the USCPA (United States Certified Public Accountant) qualification support project by the U.S. Education Network, the predecessor of Avitas. Currently, we continue to grow as an educational group consisting of Avitas Co., Ltd., Tokyo Chuo Japanese Language School Co., Ltd., which operates Japanese language schools, and Japan Business Lab Co., Ltd., which handles foreign language coaching schools and career design schools. ■ Corresponding to new ways of working and learning
Pathmake Group transitioned to a holding structure in 2019. After the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we started remote work in earnest. Based on the Group’s management philosophy of “contributing to the creation of a life with career ownership by supporting lifelong learning and utilization of learning,” support employees to
autonomously consider and implement appropriate work styles and communication. In order to do this, we have introduced “hybrid work” that combines going to the office and remote work.
In order to respond to system changes and hybrid work, we have officially reopened the 15th floor of Shinjuku Maynds Tower as a base for the entire group. In order to promote a highly productive work style through hybrid work, we will support the provision of new work styles and services to customers, in addition to the development of PCs and network environments, as well as the free address of work spaces. It has been renovated into an office space.
New facilities and features include:
· Work space with free address
・Online customer service, delivery booth for course information · Shooting space for live distribution of lectures
· Rich and open study room with a view of the night view
[Image 2

Study room with night view
Usaka says, “We have prepared an environment where it is easy to have conversations when you come to work, and an environment and equipment where you can seamlessly work online and offline in the office. Also, for our customers, it is a comfortable third place for learning that is neither at home nor at work. We have created a space where we can learn.We want to be a group that never forgets the warmth of people while making the most of technology.”
[Image 3

[Pathmake Holdings Co., Ltd.]
Main location: Shinjuku Maynds Tower 15F, 2-1-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Business description: Management department operations for all group companies Established: April 3, 2019
Representative: Representative Director Jun Usaka
Capital: 100 million yen

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