Paula Paula collaborates with NAKED, INC. to hold digital art experience “DAKKO” for babies and mothers

Paula collaborates with NAKED, INC. Held digital art experience “DAKKO” for babies and mothers
November 12th (Sat) SIW2022 @ Shibuya Parco 9F GAKU

POLA Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Miki Oikawa) will collaborate with NAKED Inc. (English: NAKED, INC., Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Ryotaro Muramatsu), On Saturday, November 12th, we will hold a digital art experience “DAKKO” for babies and mothers aged 3 months to 2 years old at GAKU on the 9th floor of Shibuya Parco. This event is one of the exhibitions in “SIW2022”, a city festival in Shibuya, Tokyo, sponsored by Shibuya Mirai Design, which is one of the largest social design themes in Japan.

[Planning background]
This event was planned by a project that pursues the “importance of postpartum care” launched by volunteers within POLA, and the collaboration was realized with the support of NAKED.
“Hugging” is the very first communication that begins when you first meet your baby, and it continues for a long time even if the childcare phase changes. At this event, you can experience the mysterious changes created by holding your baby in your daily life through digital art. It is a space full of excitement and surprises, where mothers and babies can enjoy themselves on the same level, even when babies are young, when it is difficult to communicate directly with them. Wrap yourself in the fresh floral scent of POLA’s skincare brand “Red B.A” and relax.
“DAKKO” Event Overview
Date: November 12th (Sat) 11:00-17:00 (reservation required) Venue: Shibuya Parco 9th floor GAKU Admission free
Target: 1 child from 3 months to 2 years old and 1 guardian
Reservation reception site:
(reservation required, first-come-first-served basis, waiting list possible)
Event movie: http Organizer: POLA INC.
Joint planning, directing and production: Naked Co., Ltd.
SIW2022 Official Website: NAKED, INC.
A creative company established by Ryotaro Muramatsu in 1997. Based on the philosophy of “Core Creative, Total Creation, and Borderless Creativity”, he works regardless of genre. In recent years, he has created various experiences that cross over the real and the virtual, such as the network-type art project “DANDELION PROJECT” that connects various parts of the world and the development of AR/VR products. We are creating new experiences and values ​​in every scene of LIFE, such as art, entertainment, culture, tradition, education, music, cities, food, and sports. From 2022, he will work on Kyoto’s metaverse and start the project “NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO” to deliver Kyoto’s culture and art experience in virtual x real.
Representative works include the Tokyo Station projection mapping “TOKYO HIKARI VISION”, the world heritage site Nijo Castle, the “NAKED FLOWERS” flower art exhibition held in Tokyo and Hong Kong, and the music experience created by AI (artificial intelligence).
“HUMANOID DJ”, “TREE by NAKED yoyogi park”, a restaurant that combines food and art, “NAKED Tsukubai (R)︎”, “NAKED Distance Lantern (R)︎”, an art for preventing infectious diseases.
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