Peace Connect Co., Ltd. We will launch the “Visiting Nursing Station Daisy MUSE,” which is the first attem pt in Tohoku, specializing in children and parents.

Peace Connect Co., Ltd.
We will launch the “Visiting Nursing Station Daisy MUSE”, which is the first attempt in Tohoku, specializing in children and parents.
Peace Connect Co., Ltd. has started prenatal and postnatal care services from December 2021.
Now, the repeat rate is over 90%, which is very high satisfaction. [Image 1d89958-12-2d0e78defef4d2a1ab7b-2.png&s3=89958-12-5c252fc446e31a9c2662f6c19aa2bfb4-728x496.png

The opening of this home-visit nursing station was something that we had to do as we continued to work vigorously under the slogan, “End childcare that is dependent on someone’s sacrifice, and realize world peace that starts with mothers.”
This time, we asked Ayana Sato, a director nurse and station manager, about her passion for this station.

Why was a home-visit nursing station next to prenatal and postnatal care? Sato) Through volunteering since I was a student, I have come into contact with many children with intractable diseases, bedridden children, children with disabilities and special characteristics, and their families.
The daily routine of taking a bath, going out, and sleeping soundly at night was not normal there.
Suction every 30 minutes, injecting medicine and rice five times a day, and an alarm that rings frequently even in the middle of the night.
However, there were some families who took care of the children on their own because they were their own children.
Mothers quit their jobs and stay at home with their children. I haven’t slept more than two hours straight for years.
The only time I go out by myself is to go to the supermarket on Saturdays and Sundays when my father is there.
Even so, my child is still my beloved. Just being there gives me the vitality to live, and when I feel the movement of my eyes and limbs from time to time, I feel happy and motivated to do my best again. “Even if you’re tired, if you don’t do your best, you won’t be able to save the life of your beloved child.”
Moms had to do their best.
It’s hard.
But on the other hand, all the children are really cute. When I learned about the children’s feelings hidden behind their actions and reactions, I felt that they were irresistibly loved and that I also wanted to protect them.
From that experience, I started working as a nurse in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).
While I have seen children recuperating at home, at the NICU where I worked, it was still difficult to discharge the children.
There is no respirator, only oxygen inhalation, only rice injection, That alone made it difficult to prepare an environment where people could live safely and securely at home.
I think it was also a factor that we medical workers weren’t able to focus on staying at home.
In such a way, children grow up in the hospital. Children’s heart rate slows down and their eyes change color when their family visits them. After all, even children, no matter how small, know their families. I wanted to return him to his beloved family as soon as possible. Even if you say “raising children” in one word,
There are people raising children in various environments and situations. Families of children who need medical care are providing the same medical care as medical staff at home every day.
But for children, mothers are not medical doctors.
We can take care of medical care, but there is no substitute for “Mama”. If you do your best, what only your family can do,
I want you to spend your effort and energy on the fun time as a family. “I will end childcare that consists of someone’s sacrifice”
As long as we have this
First of all, create an environment where you can raise children safely and safely at home.
It was always something I had to do to accompany children who needed medical care at home and parents and children who needed some kind of support.
What are the characteristics of a specialist home-visit nursing station that specializes in children and parents?ー
Sato) I feel that there is still a large division between medical care and welfare in the fields of pediatrics and mothers and children. By specializing here, we can collect examples of families living in the same way.
By collecting information such as systems, care, and convenient goods, I would like to be able to provide the information that families want when they want it.
I would like to create a community where families can directly exchange information.
Also, I think that “living” means “enjoying”.
“It’s delicious” “I’m happy” “I’m excited” “It’s my first time” “It’s fun” I wish I could propose a place for such a lot of emotions and experiences, even if you have an illness or disability.
I would be happy if I could be a parenting partner for your family, not just medical care.
In addition, even without medical care, pregnant women who are having a hard time raising twins or triplets, or who cannot move because of severe morning sickness, or who have graduated from the NICU but want to see if they are gaining weight for a while, because the mother has a chronic disease. I want you to help me raise a child,
I wish I could respond flexibly to such cases.
Also, children grow up and become adults.
Parents age as well.
At that time, how will we protect the children in the future? I would like to think about how to protect my parents’ lives with my family. Depending on your wishes, we can take care of both parents and children. Is there a world you want to realize through this station?ー
Sato) It may be a little ahead, but I would like to do more festivals and events.
Of course it means creating a place for fun, but in addition to that, Tohoku is an area that experiences many earthquakes and disasters, so I think it is important to have opportunities to go out on a regular basis, and to have places to run to and people to talk to in case of emergency.
I don’t know how far I can go in the form of a “station”, but I would be happy if I could help.
Also, it is a very serious problem that the mother’s career is cut off and the mother is unable to leave the child.
What if mom collapses from trying too hard? It is the children who love their mothers who grieve.
Children don’t want mom to be exhausted or sacrificed for them. This is where various issues such as the problem of where to leave your child are intertwined,
We will do everything we can as a station.
Because there is no precedent, we had a lot of trouble even before applying for this station, but I believe that this is also our mission.
We would like to prepare a lot of contents for mom’s healing and fun. Finally, is there anything you would like to say to those who are considering using it?ー

Sato) Maybe I can manage to look after my child by myself now, but the important thing is to create “margins and leeway”.
Without this, irregularities cannot be dealt with.
Raising children is something everyone does, regardless of whether they have an illness or disability.
If you can put a smile on your face by sharing the burden on your shoulders with us,
I’m sure the children would like it.
Children who always give unconditional love.
“Rely on,” “Leave it to me,” and “Take it easy” in order to live happily with those children tomorrow.
These are not bad and should be done more and more. No need to feel guilty at all.
[Image 2d89958-12-c49ca20870984d2a6fee-1.png&s3=89958-12-1515a01336dd093e5d1dc6786ed4bab3-1010x668.png
Would you like to get used to it little by little through us? There are only staff here who are itching to help families raising children. For us, the smiles of children are a joy.
Please let us watch your child’s growth together.
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