Perfect Co., Ltd. 11/30 (Wednesday) 14:00-Free online business seminar Invited two guest speakers from the DX Promotion Section of the Information Management Department of Kose Co., Ltd.!

Perfect Co., Ltd.
11/30 (Wednesday) 14:00- Free online business seminar will be held Two guest speakers will be invited from the DX Promotion Section of the Information Management Department of Kose Co., Ltd.!
-Cosme de Corte customer experience using AI and AR-

Tokyo, Japan (November 15, 2022)-Perfect Co., Ltd., which provides solution services utilizing AR and AI technology and encourages digital transformation (DX) in the beauty and fashion industries, will launch on November 30 ( Wednesday) From 14:00, the DX Promotion Section of the Information Management Department from Kose Co., Ltd. will consider and operate a system that utilizes the latest technology under the theme of “Customer experience of Cosme de Corte using AI / AR”. We will invite Mr. Okawa and Mr. Ochiai to hold a free online business seminar.
[Image So far, we have developed an online counseling service that allows you to receive advice from a dedicated BC while trying out various finishes such as the color and texture of point makeup during a video call, and a lip recommendation that mixes AI functions and online interviews. COSME DECORTE has a track record of customer experience DX by introducing AI and AR technology, such as makeup experience and content that proposes the perfect base makeup for each user with a skin color analysis function. From the background of content development, we will talk about the effects and results obtained by introducing AI & AR technology, the ingenuity to get users to actually use it, and future prospects.
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Those who want to get new tips on how beauty staff serve customers Those who want to know consumer communication in the beauty industry Those who want to improve consumer engagement
Those who want to know examples of DX brand practices
Those who want to know the effects of introducing AI / AR services such as AR makeup and face analysis
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▼The Global Beauty Tech Forum last year▼ ■ About Perfect Co., Ltd. Perfect Co., Ltd. currently has bases in Taiwan (headquarters), Japan, the United States, Europe, China, and India, and has developed a series of beauty apps with over 900 million downloads, including the AR beauty app “YouCam Makeup”. A company that provides virtual makeup services developed using advanced facial recognition technology and AI technology for brands and retail stores. By fusing beauty and technology, we are building the world’s largest beauty platform that connects consumers and cosmetic brands in a way never seen before. Currently, we welcome more than 350 cosmetic brands as partners, and develop over 100,000 cosmetic products in more than 60 countries. We will support the provision of an environment where customers can enjoy a comfortable shopping experience with less stress.
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