Perfect for special gifts Report on the start of gift box sales Report on the release of the “Craft Gin Ho me Drinking Gift Box” produced by craft gin specialized media

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[Perfect for special gifts] [Report on the start of gift box sales] Report on the release of the “Craft Gin Home Drinking Gift Box” produced by craft gin specialized media
Give that person who likes alcohol a new home drinking experience.
Ginggraver, a joint company that operates the craft gin media “Ginny Club” and the gin specialty online shop “Ie only Mikata”
(Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative employee: Naho Ikeda), We are pleased to announce that we have released a new “Craft Gin Drink Comparison Gift Box” that delivers new encounters with alcohol.
◆For those who like alcohol. Give a new home drinking experience. There are many opportunities to give gifts throughout the year, such as mid-year gifts, year-end gifts, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but gift products for people who like alcohol tend to become standard products such as beer, wine, and sake. Furthermore, with fewer opportunities to eat out and more people drinking at home, the choice of alcohol to drink at home is becoming fixed, and there are not many opportunities to discover or try new alcohol.
Therefore, what we, Ginny Club, want to deliver is “encounter with new sake” and “new home drinking experience”. I would like to offer a new selection of craft gin to people who usually drink beer and highball. If it’s a special gift, how about choosing a special gift that will make the usual home drinking a little more beautiful than usual, and that the recipient won’t buy for themselves?
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[Image 2d81957-5-4c1092b1fcdb0a4f8a4e-4.jpg&s3=81957-5-ff8c1254a4954d1d6ad6c295b91dc0a9-3464x2309.jpg
◆Why craft gin?
Recently, craft gin has been attracting attention, but for those who are not familiar with it, there are problems such as “I don’t know what kind of gin to choose,” “I don’t know the image of the taste,” and “It would be a waste if I bought it and didn’t like it.” The reality is that it is difficult to get hold of.
Therefore, in the gift box produced by Ginny Club, in order to solve such a problem, we have carefully selected craft gin recommended by sake professionals, and offer a set of 3 mini bottles that are just right for tasting. I’m here. Also included is the tonic water necessary to make the classic cocktail, gin and tonic. By using a premium tonic water called “FEVER TREE” that is hard to buy at convenience stores and supermarkets, it creates a special feeling as a gift.
[Image 3d81957-5-f3922e7f7b763136a5aa-1.jpg&s3=81957-5-9f6458cfbea6f392081bac694df9eef7-3464x2309.jpg
[Image 4d81957-5-da4463999f637a809556-7.jpg&s3=81957-5-2c8b347187edbbbd1f754a9e4be3d853-3464x2309.jpg
[Image 5d81957-5-5e1df8ef55b95b557436-5.jpg&s3=81957-5-b94c05403b5d3b5fbca0b0d195979dd2-3464x2309.jpg
◆Two types of gift boxes to choose from
This time, we have prepared two types of gift boxes. “Set of 3 kinds of gin that you can easily understand the difference in taste” and “Set of 3 types of gin that is easy to drink even for gin beginners”. Even if it is called gin, most people cannot imagine its taste. The appeal of craft gin lies in the individuality of the creators and the local vegetation and botanicals. We hope that you will be able to enjoy a variety of individuality, so we have made a set of 3 different types that are easy to understand the difference in taste.
Next, in order to dispel the image that gin has a medicinal smell, we selected three types that are easy to drink with floral and fruity scents. This is an introductory set that can be enjoyed by people who like alcohol but don’t like unique flavors, and those who like sweet alcohol.
The gift box is based on light gray and has a gold leaf logo to create a sense of luxury. Perfect for when you want to differentiate yourself from standard gifts, or when you want to give a special gift. [Image 6d81957-5-7032f3d70e49292e9d42-2.jpg&s3=81957-5-71922ea95a4a4cfb792ec56baaedc57d-3464x2309.jpg
▲ A set of 3 types that you can clearly see the difference in taste (select 3 types: standard dry gin, fruity gin with orange scent, and spicy gin with pepper and vanilla scent)
[Image 7d81957-5-635b7e07b844ff1fff19-3.jpg&s3=81957-5-9bf3d2faeb6ea24f77564f8c4521565f-3464x2309.jpg
▲ A set of 3 gins that is easy to drink even for gin beginners (select 3 types of gin: a sweet gin with added sugar, a soft gin with olives and basil, and a fruity gin that changes color when tonic water is added) )
We also propose food pairings of gin and food
In addition, we have received many comments such as “Cocktails are difficult to match with meals” and “I don’t know what dishes to pair with”, so we have included an original recipe card and a booklet called “Craft Gin to Enjoy at Home”. We also introduce variations of how to drink and food pairing of food.
[Image 8d81957-5-634ecd18aeb36df03240-6.jpg&s3=81957-5-7618527face081be4b98dca2890519e2-3464x2309.jpg
On sale at the official online shop and e-gift site
This gift box is sold at the official online shop “Ie only Mikata” and the following e-gift sites.
Official online shop “Ie only Mikata”
e-gift site “TANP”
In the future, we plan to post on various e-gift sites.
◆ I want to spread gin to the dining table in Japan
Gin is an alcoholic beverage made from distilled spirits, flavored with juniper berries and other botanicals. In other words, you can make sake that makes use of the ingredients unique to the area and the brewery’s unique brewing method. Now that more and more products such as sake and beer are made with the commitment and passion of the creators, we believe that craft gin is one of the new tools that has the potential to deliver the passion of all regions and producers. Aiming for the day when craft gin, not just beer and highballs, can be found on Japanese dining tables as a matter of course, we want many people to know the appeal of craft gin and enjoy it. We also hold events where you can drink gin.
◆Craft gin specialized media “Ginny Club”
◆Ginny Club Official Instagram
◆ Official online shop “Ie only Mikata”
-Inquiries regarding this matter-
Please contact our office below.
Public Relations Manager, Jingraver, LLC
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