Persol Innovation Co., Ltd. 11/30 (Wednesday) 19:00 Online Reveal the back side! How did local companies gather excellent human resources and make a business?

Persol Innovation Co., Ltd.
[11/30 (Wednesday) 19:00 online] Reveal the back side! How did local companies gather excellent human resources and make a business? Side job human resource matching service “lotsful” free online seminar
Comprehensive human resources service, Persol Group’s Persol Innovation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director
Long: Toshihito Nagai), a sideline human resources matching service “lotsful” (
will start from 19:00 on November 30, 2022 (Wednesday).
mosquito? We will hold an online seminar on the theme of “.
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“We want to develop business in new areas, but we don’t have people with the skills in-house…”
“There is something I want to work on for business growth, but I don’t have the know-how in the company and I’m not making progress…” Are you reluctant to take on new challenges because of the lack of specialists? At this seminar, Sakie Kitagawa, who is in charge of new business development at Nagoya Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd., which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, and Kazuhisa Sumiya, a food delivery venture company headquartered in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture. Mr. Takehisa Koshimizu, Director, will be on stage as a guest.
On the day of the event, we will introduce the efforts of two companies based in Aichi Prefecture and Mie Prefecture that are working on new business development and rebranding in collaboration with external human resources, while local companies will acquire excellent professional human resources. We will unravel what is necessary to do so and the points for successful collaboration with external human resources.
We will also answer questions and consultations from viewers in real time. If you are interested in this topic, please join us.
■ Talk theme
・A long-established store founded in the Meiji period! Until a venture in Mie Prefecture achieves a 120% increase in sales
・Behind the scenes of the new business of Me-Tele! Creating business strategies in new areas
・The shortage of human resources at local companies can be resolved! Points for successful collaboration with external human resources *Contents are subject to change.
■ Overview of “lotsful” online seminar
Reveal the back side! How did local companies gather excellent human resources and make a business?
Date: November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) 19:00-20:20
Participation fee free
Speaker: Ms. Sakie Kitagawa, Content Production Department and Growth Investment Strategy Department, Nagoya Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Mr. Takehisa Koshimizu, Representative Director, Kazuhisa Sumiya Co., Ltd. Midori Tanaka (Moderator) Representative of “lotsful” Persol Innovation Co., Ltd.
Participation target ・Those who are involved in new business creation at local companies
・HR personnel who are interested in human resources issues in business growth ・ Those who are interested in utilizing professional external human resources and side jobs
How to apply Please apply using the form below
Participation method: It will be delivered online via Zoom.
You can check the viewing URL from the peatix event viewing page after completing the application.
Application deadline: November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) 18:59
■ Profile of speakers
Nagoya Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Content Producing Department and Growth Investment Strategy Department Ms. Sakie Kitagawa
[Image 2d71591-187-580e96869bd734447e9c-1.jpg&s3=71591-187-fa129bf1b9f3ebd1d42d2c26c9dba76a-185x187.jpg
Joined Nagoya Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. as a new graduate in 2017. Engaged in sales management of commercials in the sales department of the head office and Osaka branch office. Received the grand prize in the 2018 internal proposal system, and experienced content planning and producer in parallel with sales work. Since September 2020, he has concurrently served as the Growth Investment Strategy Department and the Human Resources Department, and is involved in the promotion of collaborative services with invested venture companies, new business development, and recruitment of new graduates. From July 2022, he will concurrently serve as the content production department and the growth investment strategy department, and will be in charge of launching new businesses using content and developing new content.
Sumiya Kazuhisa Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Takehisa Koshimizu
[Image 3d71591-187-06779d4f3f73bee07057-2.jpg&s3=71591-187-d1dda4bdcb16c8736c64fc299decbb70-180x182.jpg
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. Engaged in the restaurant business after working for an IT company. He specializes in marketing that makes use of his previous job experience and the launch of new businesses, and strives to spread the culture of Japanese restaurants. Established Sumiya Kazuhisa Co., Ltd. in 2008. Appointed as the representative of the company. With the philosophy of “creating gathering opportunities around the world and making the world smile and happy,” we launched the industry’s first restaurant delivery franchise business with the aim of passing on traditional culture and revitalizing Japan. promotion. Currently, we are challenging to create new value with 400 affiliated stores.
Persol Innovation Co., Ltd. “lotsful”
Representative Midori Tanaka
[Image 4d71591-187-17453cb3bb3f4d52c8ce-3.png&s3=71591-187-4593b4a9ac1d45ae43c94e4c2f9a82ba-183x182.png
Joined Intelligence Co., Ltd. (now PERSOL CAREER Co., Ltd.) as a new graduate in 2012. Engaged in corporate sales in the field of job change support in the IT / Internet industry. In 2016, he launched a new business, the open innovation platform eiicon (currently AUBA). Engaged as the head of the Consulting/Sales Group, responsible for a wide range of services including service planning, sales, marketing, event planning, and business management. In June 2019, he launched the side job matching service “lotsful” and served as its representative. ■ What is “lotsful”?
“lotsful” is a side job matching service in which dedicated talent planners who are familiar with both major companies and ventures match experienced side jobs with the aim of improving their skills. We support onboarding using PERSOL’s extensive human resource support know-how, from support for business start-ups to complicated contracts when starting a side business, and for companies that are new to accepting side jobs, we support from the creation of a system for utilizing side business human resources. We will work to build a side business cycle that allows companies and individuals to grow. ■Features of “lotsful”
[Image 5d71591-187-68fc2cb082347daa5338-4.jpg&s3=71591-187-c1be4148bc0b5ac2d91c753329a1e1e6-936x257.jpg
-Benefits for sideline workers-
(1) Undisclosed projects too! Projects leading to numerous career advancements “lotsful” actively educates companies about accepting side jobs. We have a wide variety of projects centered on business positions, such as business development, sales, marketing, human resources, public relations, and management planning.
(2) Free counseling by a full-time talent planner
A dedicated talent planner will provide free counseling on how you can utilize your past achievements and skills at other companies. Even those who have no experience in side jobs can take on challenges with confidence.
(3) Once a week ~ OK! Flexibility in working
Most projects can be challenged remotely from once a week in principle. It is possible to start a side job with a flexible working style, such as once a week for 4 hours.
-Benefits for companies accepting side jobs-
(1) Utilization of human resources with abundant know-how
Targeting human resources with a wealth of experience and achievements who aim to improve their skills and contribute to the business, we utilize established and sophisticated business operation know-how for each area in areas where internal resources are insufficient. It is possible to do so.
(2) High quality matching
Skill assessment and discerning by dedicated talent planners who are familiar with both major companies and venture companies, we will match with high accuracy the human resources that fit the needs and issues of each company and the business phase.
(3) No initial cost or success fee required
There are no initial costs or success fees. You can use a series of services from business cutouts to recruitment postings and contract procedures with only the talent’s operating costs.
(4) Even companies that are new to accepting side jobs can feel at ease! Systematization support by professionals
We provide on-boarding support that utilizes the PERSOL Group’s extensive know-how in human resources support, from support for business start-ups to complicated contracts when starting a side business. We support the construction of a system for the utilization of side jobs, such as contract-related and labor management. (Contract form is business consignment.)
About Persol Innovation Co., Ltd.- Persol Innovation Co., Ltd. started business in April 2019 with the aim of creating businesses that will become the next-generation pillars of the Persol Group. “TECH PLAY”, which empowers technology personnel and supports the construction of DX organizations in companies, “AUBA”, Japan’s largest open innovation platform, and “Sync Up”, a shift management service. In addition to operating new services, we will promote new business development, open innovation, and digital transformation to accelerate the innovation of the Persol Group.
The PERSOL Group will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through a variety of businesses related to people and organizations, with a group vision of “Work and Laugh.”
■ For inquiries about using the “lotsful” service, please use the email address below.

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