PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Yokosuka City and Persol P&T Commence Verification Tests for Full-Scale Operation of FAQ System

Persol Process & Technology Co., Ltd.
Yokosuka City and Persol P&T Begin Demonstration Experiments for Full-Scale Operation of FAQ System
~Utilizing Helpfeel to improve citizen services and staff productivity~
Yokosuka City (Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Mayor: Katsuaki Uechi) and PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. From January 2019, we will start a demonstration experiment for full-scale operation of an FAQ system that utilizes “Helpfeel*1”.
In municipal home services with a large amount of information, we believe that the ability for users to search for the information they want and solve their own problems will lead to greater satisfaction with citizen services. In this demonstration experiment, we will verify the effects of “improving citizen services” and “improving the work productivity of staff” by providing a self-solving FAQ service to citizens.
Yokosuka City will promote administrative DX through this
demonstration experiment.
*1…Helpfeel is a search-type FAQ system with a search hit rate of 98%. ■ Demonstration experiment using the FAQ system “Helpfeel” Overview Purpose: Improving citizen services and improving staff productivity Period: January 2023 to June 2023
Tool used: FAQ system “Helpfeel” (see attachment)
Yokosuka City Corporate Planning Department Public Relations Section Manager Satoshi Kogou
[Image 1d14515-304-3d15210b56f94ea22a2b-0.jpg&s3=14515-304-ce9916ab251ee4436a1aa569dc3119c9-1145x1163.jpg
Yokosuka City is aiming for “user-centered administrative services” by promoting digital government. Due to the large amount of information posted on the city’s website due to the breadth of its scope of work, users were unable to find the information they wanted, and had no choice but to contact the call center or department in charge. . Through the demonstration experiment with PERSOL P&T, we believe that providing the good searchability of “Helpfeel” and cooperating in the analysis of search results will make the website more useful for citizens.
Naoto Kikuchi, Manager, Service Development Department, Persol P&T Business Engineering Division
[Image 2d14515-304-34a25a69e0327bd355dc-1.jpg&s3=14515-304-dd8b6cd182a61e9776889ba9e17a74ed-769x987.jpg
PERSOL P&T has been supporting governments and companies to improve productivity using various technologies. Based on our research*2, we believe that it is necessary for the website of a local government to have a function that allows users to search “easy-to-understand and intuitive”.
This time, for Yokosuka City’s aim of “promoting digital government”, by combining our business process and technology know-how with the search-type FAQ system “Helpfeel”, we have created a “homepage that allows users to find the information they want”. We will contribute to the improvement of convenience and the efficiency of staff operations. *2…Persol P&T’s “Questionnaire on Websites” for multiple local governments another paper
■Overview of Helpfeel, a FAQ system that improves the self-solving rate Helpfeel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture; Representative Director/CEO: Isshu Rakusai) is an innovative FAQ system specializing in searches. We have achieved a search hit rate of 98% with the world’s first proprietary technology “intention prediction search” and the creation of a dedicated dictionary by technical writers. Users themselves can refer to the most suitable FAQ page by searching, not only to solve their questions and concerns, but also to reduce the burden on customer support representatives and call centers. PERSOL P&T has concluded a sales agency agreement since January 2021, and provides comprehensive services in design, operation, and improvement that combine “Helpfeel” and “know-how” of customer support.
-screen image-
[Image 3d14515-304-1a598f644e4e13ae36b6-2.jpg&s3=14515-304-e9ed9dbbe03b3c6b97b7e39e5640ce96-654x482.jpg
* The screen is under development and may differ from the actual specifications. ■About Persol Process & Technology Co., Ltd.- PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.’s mission is to increase the productivity of people and organizations through the power of people, process design, and technology.
In addition to consulting, system development, and outsourcing according to the business issues of our customers, we aim to create a society where people and technology can coexist, and we will provide the latest technologies and services that make full use of RPA and AI. The PERSOL Group will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the achievement of the SDGs through a variety of businesses related to people and organizations, with a group vision of “Work and Laugh.”
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