Pestalozzi Technology Co., Ltd. Improve the physical strength of elementary school children in Kobe City! In troduction of ALPHA to visualize exercise and increase physical strength!

Pestalozzi Technology Co., Ltd.
Improve the physical strength of elementary school children in Kobe City! Introduction of ALPHA to visualize exercise and increase physical strength!
Utilizing new physical fitness test and exercise diary data using one tablet per person

Pestalozzi Technology Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, CEO: Tomotsuna Inoue), which has been developing the digital physical fitness test aggregation system “ALPHA” since 2020, has provided Kobe City with “Exercise We started offering “ALPHA” equipped with a diary function.
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What is “ALPHA”
“ALPHA” is a system that allows you to enter, aggregate and analyze physical fitness test results regardless of the terminal such as PC or tablet.
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Student individual result sheet screen
Currently, physical fitness tests are conducted using an analog measurement method in which children write records on paper and aggregate the data, but by using “ALPHA”, it is possible to easily input, aggregate, and analyze digitally. Become.
▼Reduction of work burden
Detailed explanations of the events and implementation guidelines are provided in the videos, enabling smooth measurement.
Data corrections can also be changed at any time on the teacher page. ▼ Immediate feedback
With the conventional method, it takes several months to outsource the data to a contractor, but with “ALPHA” you can check it instantly. There is no time lag, such as finding out the results after some time has passed after filling in the recording form or summarizing. ▼ Compatible with all devices
“ALPHA” does not matter what kind of terminal or browser you use. It is possible to use the terminal introduced in the GIGA school concept as it is.
Devices that can be used: Various PCs, tablets
Compatible browsers (latest versions): Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox
▼Details of ALPHA


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Introduction in Kobe City
In recent years, the results of children in Kobe City have fallen below the national average in physical fitness tests.
The initiative of “GIGA School Concept x SPORTS (GIGA Sports)” has begun for improvement.
The following information is from the Kobe City Board of Education Secretariat page
( (1. Purpose
Through collaboration with ICT providers, we have introduced a system that allows each person to use their own personal computer for learning, and to input, accumulate, and check (visualize exercise) the details of their daily exercise activities. This will lead to a further increase in the motivation to exercise and to make exercise a habit.
(2) Target
Trial implementation targeting 4th and 5th grade elementary school students (5 schools, approx. 1,200 students)
(3) Start time
From November 2022
(4) Main functions
1. Recording physical fitness test results
Analysis results and advice for improvement are displayed from the input and accumulated records.
2. Exercise diary
By daily recording the content and time of exercise such as dodgeball and jump rope at school or at home, calorie consumption according to the content of the exercise is given as exercise points. In addition, exercise points and the number of logins are presented in a ranking format.
* From 1 and 2, children confirm their own tasks, exercise based on advice, and acquire the habit of exercising on a daily basis while realizing their own growth with exercise points and rankings. Kobe City Superintendent of Education Press Conference: [Image 5

exercise diary graph
About Pestalozzi Technology Co., Ltd.
Pestalozzi Technology Co., Ltd. is in charge of tallying data for about 600,000 people in this year’s physical fitness test tally. In addition to the physical fitness test digital tabulation system “ALPHA” at each school, we are also developing physical fitness test tabulation and management systems for boards of education.
[Inquiries from the press regarding this matter]
Pestalozzi Technology Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Ogasawara
Room 07, Incubation Center, Waseda University, 1-22-3 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0051
TEL: 03-6228-0493
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