PFU Co., Ltd. Happy Hacking Keyboard fan exchange event “HHKB User Meetup vol.6” held

PFU Co., Ltd.
Happy Hacking Keyboard Fan Exchange Event “HHKB User Meetup vol.6”
“HHKB User Meetup vol.6” will be held online on Friday, December 9th. HHKB has pursued the ideal for programmers and has been sticking to arrays. Many of the users who have continued to love the game must have had their own particular points.
This time, we will invite guests who are particular about gadgets, such as keyboards, to come and talk about their particular points and items!


[Table 2: ]

Participation/viewing method
Please check from the dedicated homepage.
Dedicated website: Event information
[Part 1 Zoom/YouTube] Around 18:00 – 19:45
1. Opening remarks
Hideki Matsumoto (PFU Co., Ltd.)
2. HHKB 2022 reaction and news from PFU
Atsushi (PFU Co., Ltd.)
3. special talk session
  About the appeal of white that arrived at the end of the obsession- Speaker: Nagisa Ichikawa (Creative Consultant)
      Mr. Yoneda (organization storage adviser who does not throw away)      Tsuneaki Toba (thing blogger/YouTuber/content planner)
  Facilitator: DANBO (organizer of “MacOTAKARA”)
4. talk session
~The present and future of the keyboard world~
Speaker: Yosuke Ikeda (TALPKEYBOARD – home-made keyboard and parts shop – representative)
      Biakko (programmer/self-made keyboard designer)
     Pekaso (self-made keyboard enthusiast)
  Facilitator: Satoshi Koyama (Hoge Giken LLC)
[Part 2 Zoom] Around 19:45 – Around 20:30
5. Special corner for Zoom participants
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