Philip Morris Japan G.K. “Terrier Warm Regular” will be released sequentially from November 28, 2022 (Mo nday) from IQOS ILUMA cigarette stick “TEREA”

Philip Morris Japan LLC
“Terrier Warm Regular” from IQOS ILUMA tobacco stick “TEREA” will be released sequentially from November 28, 2022 (Monday)

Philip Morris Japan GK (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Sherry Go, hereinafter “PMJ”) will launch “Terrier Warm Regular” from the terrier of the tobacco stick dedicated to heated tobacco IQOS ILUMA in November 2022. From Monday, January 28, 8 IQOS stores nationwide *, IQOS shops (some Yamada Denki stores), IQOS corners (some Don Quijote affiliated stores, etc.), convenience stores, etc. From November 30th (Wednesday), it will be released sequentially at the IQOS online store.
With the release of “Terrier Warm Regular” this time, the lineup of terrier sticks will be 16 types in total.
PMJ will continue to strive to provide products and services that satisfy smokers over the age of 20 with the aim of realizing a “smoke-free society.”
* As of November 2022
TEREA New product information
The “TEREA” to be released this time is as follows.
[Image 1d43993-83-6e5fe4eee742804173c3-0.png&s3=43993-83-13b1b1d7b53050918b45042869676a38-814x540.png
Other TEREA stick lineup
The 15 brands of “TEREA” that are already on sale are as follows. [Image 2d43993-83-6927b9589085ae668f68-1.png&s3=43993-83-8a645a791bce44eccb712c79ad9dfd99-819x534.png

Toward the realization of PMJ’s corporate vision of a “smoke-free society” With the aim of realizing a “smoke-free society,” PMI is intended for adult smokers who continue to use tobacco products (20 years of age or older in Japan, the same shall apply hereinafter), and for society in general and various stakeholders from the perspective of public health. We are driving a ‘transformation’ in the tobacco industry, aiming to replace all cigarettes with ‘smoke-free’ products to provide meaningful, scientifically proven alternatives.
PMI is a leading international tobacco company that manufactures and markets cigarettes, smoke-free products and related electronics and accessories and other nicotine-containing products outside the United States. PMI has licensed the IQOS (Platform 1) device and tobacco sticks, which the FDA has approved for sale in the United States as a “Reduced Exposure Tobacco Product,” to Altria Inc. We ship in groups. The FDA has determined that marketing this product with “reduced exposure” communications is appropriate to promote public health. PMI’s focus is on building and scientifically demonstrating new smoke-free product categories that are addictive, not risk-free, but still a better option compared to smoking cigarettes. is. With world-class multi-disciplinary product development capabilities, facilities, and scientifically-proven R&D centers, PMI is committed to ensuring smoke-free products meet adult smoker preferences and stringent regulatory requirements. is the goal. The IQOS range of smoke-free products includes heated tobacco and nicotine-containing e-vapor products. As of September 30, 2022, excluding Russia and Ukraine, PMI’s heat-not-burn tobacco products are sold under the IQOS brand in major cities or nationally in 70 markets worldwide, with approximately 1,350 tobacco products worldwide. It is estimated that 10,000 adult smokers have quit smoking cigarettes and switched to PMI’s smokeless products.
For more information, please visit PMI’s website ( and PMI Science (

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