Photoruction Co., Ltd. Construction and civil engineering production support cloud “Photoruction”, 6 compa nies jointly exhibiting at “2nd Construction DX Exhibition”

Phototraction Co., Ltd.
Construction and civil engineering production support cloud
“Photoruction”, jointly exhibited by 6 companies at “2nd Construction DX Exhibition”
-Proposing a digital workplace that supports construction DX through six solutions and more than 10 talk sessions-

Photoraction Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takaharu Nakajima, hereinafter “Photoraction”), which develops and operates the production support cloud “Photoruction” for construction and civil engineering, will open in 2022. Five technology companies (Applied Technology Co., Ltd., Nohara Holdings Co., Ltd., Box Japan Co., Ltd. , Ricoh Co., Ltd., Works Mobile Japan Co., Ltd.).
Six solutions that support digitization and automation (BIM solutions, cloud storage, 360-degree cameras, 3D cameras, business chat, Photoruction etc.) and more than 10 talk sessions to propose a new way of working (digital workplace) that supports construction DX. [Image 1

-Background of joint exhibition-How to work in the DX era.
Construction tech, gather here
The wave of digitalization has come to the construction industry as well. With the 2024 problem approaching, it can be said that DX efforts are essential to improve productivity. Phototraction has contributed to improving the productivity of the construction industry through the provision of the production support cloud “Photoruction”, which can be managed from design to construction, and the outsourcing service “Construction BPO” specializing in construction. On the other hand, in order for people involved in the construction industry to concentrate on the essential task of “building buildings,” it is necessary to spread not only Photoruction but also various digital solutions.
Therefore, at this exhibition, by introducing digital solutions such as BIM solutions, cloud storage, 360-degree cameras, 3D cameras, and business chat together with Photoruction, we will introduce a new way of working in the construction industry in the DX era (digital workplace ) with five technology companies.
[Image 2

    Booth number: 23-1
-Exhibition contents of Phototraction-
■ Construction and civil engineering production support cloud “Photoruction” A productivity improvement service for the construction industry. It has been introduced in more than 150,000 construction projects in Japan and overseas, including super general contractors, and is a project management tool for the construction industry with various functions such as photos, drawings, tasks, inspections, documents, process charts, BIM, and construction BPO.
■ “Construction BPO” that promotes the digitization of construction sites This is a cloud-based next-generation BPO service that allows you to utilize the business processes (work) of the construction industry from software. We will realize a new DX cycle that utilizes data as well as explosive productivity improvement by being freed from non-core operations.
-Exhibition contents of each company (in alphabetical order)- ■ Applied Technology Co., Ltd.: “”
We are developing a “toBIM” service that supports customers’ overall BIM operations. Developed “”, a BIM add-in package for Autodesk Revit. This product contributes to the efficiency of BIM model creation. We are also developing a solution “R to P” (Revit to Photoruction) that automatically creates inspection forms necessary for bar arrangement inspection such as drawings and bar arrangement information from the created structural BIM model.
Nohara Holdings Co., Ltd.: “Matterport” “BIMobject”
Introducing “Matterport” and “BIMobject”. Matterport is a digital twin solution that allows you to easily convert real spaces into 3D/VR, streamline the design and BIM modeling processes, in addition to remote site management/supervision and operational efficiency. BIMobject is a 3D digital content platform boasting 3 million registered users and 2,300 listed manufacturers.
■ Box Japan Co., Ltd.: “Box”
Box securely aggregates and manages content such as photos, documents, drawings, and schedules that are essential for construction projects in the cloud. Whether in the field or in the office, we provide an environment where work can be done anytime, anywhere, regardless of device. By linking with “Photoruction”, the work productivity of construction sites can be dramatically increased, and a digital workplace essential for promoting construction DX and work style reform can be developed at overwhelmingly low cost. You can also see demonstrations and usability of Box at the construction DX exhibition. ■ Ricoh Co., Ltd.: “RICOH360”
Ricoh will leverage its strengths in developing both 360-degree cameras and data services to provide RICOH360, a high-value-added 360-degree image and video platform service. Accelerate construction DX with “seamless cooperation” between “Photoruction” and 360-degree cameras, “improvement of workflow” in shooting and sharing site photos, and “creation of new added value” with unique 360-degree x AI technology contribute.
■ Works Mobile Japan Co., Ltd.: “LINE WORKS”
By using “Photoruction” and “LINE WORKS” together, chat communication that quotes photos stored in “Photoruction” becomes easy, eliminating vague verbal exchanges and using images and text Realize accurate and rapid information sharing.
-Talk session-
In the booth, we will hold a phototraction talk session with general contractors and co-exhibitors. We will introduce hints and initiatives of each company to accelerate construction DX.
■ Main companies scheduled to appear (in alphabetical order) On-site support in the DX era -Case of Spiral Major
Mr. Yoshifumi Tanaka, Section Manager, Production Technology Promotion Department, Construction General Headquarters, Taisei Corporation DX practitioner talks about how to think about BIM utilization at construction sites
Mr. Shunsuke Someya, Senior Researcher, Construction Innovation Group, Future and Advanced Research Department, Technology Research Institute, Takenaka Corporation
Initiatives for construction DX in the startup era
Mr. Hiroaki Saito, Manager, Innovation Strategy Department, Toda Corporation -Event Overview-
Construction DX Exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition of
construction industry DX (Digital Transformation) technology hosted by RX Japan Co., Ltd. (former company name: Reed Exhibitions Japan). ・ Exhibition name: 2nd Construction DX Exhibition
・ Date: December 5th (Mon) to 7th (Wed), 2022
・Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
・Booth number: 23-1
・ Organizer: RX Japan Co., Ltd. (former company name: Reed Exhibitions Japan) ・URL:
*Pre-registration (free) is required to visit.
The e-invitation is attached below. Please present the screen at the venue or print it out and bring it with you. [About Photoruction, a production support cloud service for the construction industry]
Photoruction is a production support cloud service for the
construction industry aimed at improving productivity and quality. Currently, it is used at more than 150,000 construction sites, including construction sites of general contractors, specialized construction companies, and design offices. In the construction industry, on-site work and report preparation are still mainly done on paper, and there is a problem that there are many inefficient operations.
Photoruction streamlines operations that tend to be complicated, such as organizing data and creating materials, and realizes reductions in work hours and improvements in productivity.
[About Phototraction Co., Ltd.]
Under the mission of “making the world of construction as smart as possible”, we are developing Photoruction, a productivity improvement service for the construction industry. We provide an application that efficiently manages photos and drawings at construction sites, and an outsourcing (construction BPO) mechanism that supports advance preparations for construction and data entry via the cloud.
Representative Director: Takaharu Nakajima
Head office location: 6th floor, Shiodome East Side Building, 5-4-18 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 14, 2016
Capital: 100 million yen
Business description: Planning, development and operation of Internet services URL:

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