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Industry Alpha Co., Ltd.
[Picking optimization] Industry α new product development
Algorithm eliminates picking dependency

Industry Alpha Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Industry α) (headquartered in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takumi Watanabe), which develops smart factories and warehouses, has developed a picking order optimization module. By optimizing the order, we will compensate for labor shortages in the manufacturing and logistics industries and improve work efficiency.
Algorithm overview
This time, the algorithm developed by Industry α calculates the order of picking orders that occur during shipping and which worker or robot should work on them in order to perform the task most efficiently. By simply introducing an algorithm, it is possible to dramatically improve picking efficiency.
We will eliminate the small amount of waste in the past and promote labor saving and labor saving.
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Current issues
In the logistics and warehousing industry, the shift to low-volume, high-mix production is progressing, and picking work efficiency is steadily deteriorating. Conventional picking relies heavily on workers, and the speed and accuracy of each worker varies. In fact, the current situation is that automation has not progressed at many sites, such as shipping instructions, worker allocation, and picking. Considering the environment and costs, there are not many cases where automated warehouses with high operating efficiency can be introduced, and picking work is a bottleneck in automation.
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Solution by Industry α
Industry α’s algorithm optimizes the picking order, which was conventionally managed by individual workers, and transforms it into an environment where all workers can efficiently pick. By introducing the algorithm, we will build a robot-friendly environment and support the first step towards automation. In addition, we will focus on reducing the burden on picking managers and achieve high efficiency at low prices.
Specifically, we minimize the distance that the worker walks to the shelf after receiving shipping instructions. With conventional shipping instructions that depended on individual workers, there was inevitably wasted walking, such as workers following the same route. We optimize the walking of all workers by taking into account the positions of workers and other factors.
Picking work is large and consists of “walking” and “retrieving” work, but by minimizing the time for “walking”, which accounts for 80 to 90% of the work, the picking work can be minimized. I will.
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Next Step
In the DX of warehouses and factories, after implementing local solutions to problems, troubles such as failure to link with the core system and lack of expansion space in factories and warehouses frequently occur. At Industry α, we do not just sell a single product, but also work backwards from the ideal image of 10 years from now and propose the optimal smart solution for your company. After actually introducing this algorithm, we will realize “visualization of labor” by analyzing picking data. By identifying locations where on-site mistakes frequently occur and where labor is required, we not only perform picking, but also perform location data analysis. Based on the analysis results, we will improve the efficiency of location management and reduce the labor of inventory.

Company introduction
[About Industry α]
Industry α Co., Ltd. is a venture company that takes over the main business of the TRUST SMITH Group and uses cutting-edge technology to make manufacturing and logistics smarter. We provide one-stop solution design, consulting, and development as a smart partner, mainly for companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime. Custom-made development in various technical fields is possible regardless of hardware or software.

■Industry Alpha Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Industry Alpha Co., Ltd.
Location: 7F Kikuhana Building, 4-1-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Takumi Watanabe
Business description: Development and consulting of smart-related technology Date of establishment: August 8, 2022
Company HP: https://www.industryalpha.net/

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