pickupon Ask an inside sales expert! Prepare and practice inside sales that will make you more and more appointments!

[Ask an inside sales expert! ] Prepare and practice inside sales that will make you more and more appointments!
11/24 (Thursday): Webinar co-sponsored by UKABU × pickupon × Infomart
pickup Co., Ltd. (Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, representative: Yoichi Obata, hereinafter referred to as Pickpon), which provides the conversation summary AI phone “pickupon”, is a company that provides the AI-equipped sales talk support tool “UKABU”. An online seminar will be held in November 2022 with UKABU (Ota-ku, Tokyo,
Representative: Junpei Maruyama) and Infomart Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Ken Nakajima), which aims to become a trusted leading company that innovates BtoB business. It will be held on the 24th (Thursday).
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■ What are the 3 important points for inside sales?
Do you have the problem that even if you get leads at seminars and exhibitions, it doesn’t lead to business negotiations?
Even when the call is finally connected, they are not interested in listening to what I have to say. Isn’t it a lot of things to say? In order to solve them, it is important to be conscious of the following three articles.
Draw a “proposal story that leads to solving the customer’s problem” to get the other party interested
Investigate customer trends and industry characteristics and “create hypotheses that can gain empathy and consent”
Establish a sales style and “establish a system” to operate efficiently In this seminar, three companies that provide sales tech services will talk about preparations and specific practices to maximize the results of inside sales.
By participating in the event, you will learn how to create hypotheses that will appeal to customers, how to conduct telephone sales efficiently, and how to improve sales by turning the PDCA cycle. can be learned.
Please take this opportunity to participate in “Inside sales preparation and practice that will allow you to get more and more appointments”!
First of all, we are looking forward to your reservation!
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■Introduction of speakers
[Part 1] You can do it in 5 minutes before calling! How to make a hypothesis [Image 2

General Manager, Business Promotion Department 2, Infomart Co., Ltd. Mr. Kohei Minamoto
Joined Infomart Co., Ltd. in March 2008 and experienced the launch of the BeautyInfomart business. In addition, engaged in the launch and system construction of the company’s first inside sales team. Currently, he is also in charge of new sales for both the BtoB platform industry channel and the BtoB platform invoice.
[Part 2] Strengthen telephone sales capabilities by automatically creating scripts for each customer
[Image 3

CEO of UKABU Co., Ltd.
Mr. Junpei Maruyama
At the Recruit Group, he has held positions in sales, sales planning, sales management, agency management, marketing, and corporate planning. Engaged in sales strategies and organization building according to the market, such as launching new sales bases and planning and promoting new sales forms.
After that, at Matsurika Co., Ltd., he oversaw the four departments of marketing, inside sales, field sales, and customer success as an officer in charge of revenue for Saas products.
Established UKABU Co., Ltd., which develops tools for “automation of business negotiation preparation” based on his own experience from sales to management and experience in solving many customer problems. [Part 3] Automatic input of voice + text! What is the utilization technique of the cloud IP phone?
[Image 4

CEO of pickupon Co., Ltd.
Youichi Obata
Involved in CGM launch and PR analytics product (SaaS) development as a director at a system production company.
In September 2017, the pickupon project was selected for IBM’s private accelerator program. After that, in January 2018, he was elected to Open Network Lab and started a business in February 2018, becoming the representative director of pickupon Co., Ltd. In 0-■ Overview of the event
[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/33268/table/65_2_f3ea51289c7967e4d176e2e5229c5da3.jpg ]
* Information on how to watch the video will be sent to those who have applied. *Participants will have their cameras and microphones turned off, so please feel free to participate from home.
□ Conversation summary AI phone “pickupon”
[Image 5

Picpon is a service that creates a summary of what AI said on the phone with text and voice, and automatically inputs and shares it. Share conversations with customers to team workspaces (CRM, SFA, etc.) without worrying about input. This prevents input omissions in the sales call scene, reduces input costs, and solves the black box problem of sales activities.
Compatible tools: Senses, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Spreadsheets, Slack * It is also possible to link with systems created by each company via Webhook We also have more detailed service contents, so if you are interested in the company, please check it out once.
Pickpon URL: https://service.pickupon.io
【Company Profile】
Company name: pickupon Co., Ltd.
Location: Tokyo Office 4-2-45 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Kokaido Building 2F Chiba Office 2-15-8 Sugano, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture Little Green 1F Representative: Yoichi Obata
Established: February 15, 2018
URL: https://corporate.pickupon.io
Business description: Development and operation of conversation summary AI phone pickupon Pickpon (https://service.pickupon.io/). Operation of sales knowledge media Yurufuwa Sales Hack
[Inquiries from customers]
Company name: pickupon Co., Ltd.
TEL: 050-3134-5404
e-mail: info@pickupon.io
Service inquiries: https://service.pickupon.io/inquiry
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