PICPIN Co., Ltd. A landmark accessory that conveys your situation in an easy-to-understand manner “PICPIN to tell more” will be released from November 11th

PICPIN Co., Ltd.
Marking accessories that convey your situation in an
easy-to-understand manner “PICPIN to tell more” will be released from November 11th

[Image 1

PICPIN to tell more
PICPIN Co., Ltd. (Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Jinta Serizawa) will tell people about your situation in an
easy-to-understand manner, such as “I’m pregnant”, “I have asthma”, “I have hay fever”, and “I can’t hear”. The brand’s standard series “PICPIN to convey” has been renewed,
The new series “PICPIN to tell more” will be released from November 11, 2022. [Image 2

Image of using PICPIN to convey more
History of the birth of the series
“Communicating PICPIN” is a series born from customer reviews. In your daily life, we convey messages that are difficult to put into words in a casual, easy-to-understand and cute way on your behalf.
We focused on delicate concerns such as coughing due to asthma and sneezing due to hay fever, which can be misunderstood as an infectious disease, and not being able to notice that you are pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy when your stomach is not noticeable. PICPIN for the Deaf (deaf) has been designed by listening to deaf people and jointly designing messages and illustrations. Since its establishment in 2020, we have continued to donate to deaf schools and organizations so that more deaf people can use this series.
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I can’t hear (image image)
[Image 4

I have asthma (image image)
[Image 5

Pregnant woman (image image)
Renewal POINT
1. One size larger,
It’s easier than ever to get your message across!
2. It has a curved shape that fits the mask and face.
It’s easier to wear!
3. The design is also on the back side, improving the quality Cuteness has also improved! !
[Image 6

Left: Normal Ver./Right: Renewal Ver.

What is PICPIN?
“MADE IN TOKYO” PICPIN is a multi-accessory with a new sensation that you can enjoy by attaching it to various items such as masks, clothes, and shoelaces.
It is coated with antibacterial and antiviral materials made in Japan, and consideration is given to hygiene. Not only is it designed, but it also serves as a “marking item” to prevent mix-ups and to help prevent infectious diseases.
We will create a new culture that fascinates the world from Tokyo. [Image 7

PICPIN wherever you like

■ Sales details
[PICPIN Rakuten market store]
[PICPIN Yahoo! Store]
・ Sales price 500 yen (tax included)

■PICPIN official link
・ Official website: https://picpin.jp/
・ Twitter https://twitter.com/PICPIN_JP
・Instagram https://www.instagram.com/picpin_jp/

[Image 8d79309-23-1ffb88941b7ba026b402-10.png&s3=79309-23-033e572f0ddf154d04ce92fd089f1e17-1080x608.png
2nd anniversary Twitter gift campaign until 11/20

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