Pinkoi Select a unique gift that will not be worn by other people with limited items for Christmas in Japan and overseas

Select a unique gift that will not be worn by other people with limited items for Christmas in Japan and overseas

Pinkoi Co., Ltd. (Head office: Taiwan, Japan branch office:
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Peter Yen), which operates “Pinkoi”, one of the largest global mail-order sites from Taiwan and Asia, operates in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, We are developing unique items by Asian designers such as Korea and Japan. Among them, we have picked up unique items from Japan and overseas that are recommended not only for Christmas, but also as a reward for yourself. Starting with the Christmas-only BOX, we have a full line-up of Christmas-like items that can only be obtained at Pinkoi. Why don’t you use it as a reference for choosing a gift this year? A Christmas campaign is also being held with the theme of “unique items like no other”.
[Image 1d33945-100-105a84e6e0b7919f3363-6.jpg&s3=33945-100-b917a6a0e6db7d0e0b33d160c178efc3-1440x810.jpg
Unique to Pinkoi! Unique Christmas items
[Image 2d33945-100-429e14cbec00527b88a0-0.jpg&s3=33945-100-27c5e62c76358180c573043aca8dcd40-650x650.jpg
Pinkoi limited-time 5-color set | et seq. (Taiwan)
From the popular feather pen nail polish, a Christmas limited set is now available. There are 5 colors available: rich wine red, deep dark green, navy black reminiscent of a clear winter night sky, warm dull light yellow, and coral pink reminiscent of a one-night-only miracle. How about wearing a color that makes you feel better at the end of this year?
[Image 3d33945-100-cf00c895dcf2721e8e34-1.jpg&s3=33945-100-1f9ca902c1036e1a85931c53ad7a7849-650x650.jpg
Countdown Calendar Gift Box | senstea (Taiwan)
A gift box with a Gashapon motif. Gashapon contains 21 flavored teas and 4 special gift items, making it a countdown calendar for 25 days until Christmas. It is an item that will make you look forward to drawing Gashapon once every day until Christmas.
[Image 4d33945-100-951971644d455e30c73f-2.jpg&s3=33945-100-d48e163bc02b448b1e24e012a9092626-650x650.jpg
Christmas Limited Gift Box | MU (Taiwan)
A popular Taiwanese stationery brand also released a Christmas-only gift box. Includes Christmas-only printed stickers, Christmas-only gold leaf transfer stickers, water-dyed tracing paper, textured paper for photo cards, and more. Decorate your diaries and calendars gorgeously with stickers designed like Christmas.
[Image 5d33945-100-625124c071b6f0bc23e1-3.jpg&s3=33945-100-b826956a33a0fb112ea4c900c2811b42-650x650.jpg
Cat and pompom earrings | B3F (Japan)
Custom order pierced earrings that you can choose the color and parts of the cat’s eyes. The combination of a high-quality pom-pom that feels good to the touch and a handmade cat made of polymer clay is a cute item. Perfect for accenting winter outfits.
Make your Christmas at home more unique!
[Image 6d33945-100-2bab60858b51cec8938d-4.jpg&s3=33945-100-65388cb500525af6b3600cbbaffe8bbd-650x650.jpg
Bear Gummy Soap | HOZ Aroma (Taiwan)
Bear gummies loved by both adults and children are made into soap. It is a cute item that can be decorated as a Christmas ornament. The faint sweet scent of soap will also soothe you. Add some unique ornaments to your Christmas tree.
[Image 7d33945-100-78283874856cabd3c7bb-5.jpg&s3=33945-100-13821e32ce3c13994415e4754b632c99-650x650.jpg
DIY Handmade 3D Paper Model Christmas Cat | Ask Creative (Taiwan)
A Taiwanese paper craft brand that has become a hot topic on social media. By assembling a sheet of kraft paper three-dimensionally, a realistic animal that seems to start moving at any moment is completed. A paper craft with a very cute cat wearing a Santa hat is also recommended as a Christmas interior. The process of making with children seems to be fun.
Campaign overview
2022 Pinkoi Christmas Special
・ Special page URL:
・ Period: Thursday, November 17, 2022 to Saturday, December 26, 2022 ・Special campaign:
1) Free shipping at a single target shop (for purchases of 5,000 yen or more) 2) 12% off all items at the target shops
In addition, purchase by 11/30
250 yen OFF + 1,000 P Coins gift (for purchases of 5,000 yen or more) What is Pinkoi
[Image 8d33945-100-f0ecfd7c26f7832446ed-7.jpg&s3=33945-100-1b0ab5371508d5715d1d36c0a7677bc7-400x165.jpg
“Pinkoi” is one of the largest global mail-order sites in Asia from Taiwan (more than 2.3 million products, more than 32,000 shops *examination system). As a “cross-border EC site” with the concept of connecting customers with designers around the world and eliminating the borders of design, you can purchase design products from all over the world directly from designers. You can meet the latest
miscellaneous goods and fashion from Asia such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Japan, etc. There are more than 5 million members worldwide, and the delivery record reaches 93 regions. In addition to EC site business based on AI and data analysis, we are globally developing services such as workshops and investment in cultural creation industries.
-Company Profile-
Japan branch
Company name: Pinkoy Co., Ltd.
Representative: Peter Yen
Location: 1-23-21 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Cast 2F Established: March 2015 (Japanese version site opened: September 2014) Taiwan head office
Company name: Hong Kong Commercial Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch Representative: Peter Yen
Address: D.Lab 103, No. 285, Section 3, Chengde Road, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan
*Other bases in Hong Kong, China, and Thailand
Established: August 2011
Number of employees: 186 (as of March 2022, group total)
Pinkoi Group: Hong Kong Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch (Taiwan Headquarters), Pinkoi Co., Ltd. (Japan Branch), iichi Co., Ltd.
[Image 9d33945-100-a199aab553211b946124-8.jpg&s3=33945-100-ab0f9dd1de15be01ad50c292e2fb300d-400x185.jpg
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