Pizza Thanksgiving! ! ≪Pizzara 35th Anniversary≫ The second featured product! ! 7 days to enjoy “P size” at a great price! !

Four Seas Co., Ltd.
Pizza Thanksgiving! ! ≪Pizzara 35th Anniversary≫ The second featured product! ! 7 days to enjoy “P size” at a great price! !
November 21 (Mon) to November 27 (Sun), 2022

Delivery pizza “PIZZA-LA” developed by Four Seas Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Sachiko Asano) will be released on November 21, 2022 ( From Monday) to November 27th (Sunday), we will sell 5 P (personal) size products at a discounted price only on the official Pizzara website.
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■ [Pizza Thanksgiving] 2nd Featured Product! New size “P (personal) size” is advantageous by ordering from the official website! In commemoration of the 35th anniversary of the opening of Pizza-La, [Pizza-La Thanksgiving] is being held.
For 7 days from November 21st (Monday), as the second featured product, we will carry out a special campaign where 5 P size products will be discounted by 200 yen only on the official Pizzara website. * Half & half between target pizzas will also be discounted.
This winter, the new “P (personal) size” can be used in a variety of situations in a size that is easy to eat. The size is 6 cuts of 9 inches (22.8 cm), and half & half can also be done.
P size that can be used for ordering scenes with one or two people, or when you want to enjoy one more pizza with your favorite taste. Please take this opportunity to try the new fun of P size at a great price. [Image 3d37526-244-88540ad20e24043dd4db-2.jpg&s3=37526-244-4a62cbaf03edba1a2a3611b350a83d46-2604x1455.jpg
Luxurious pizza with crab and lobster
P ¥2,580⇒¥2,380
[Image 4d37526-244-cdfa6ae9a5c020d3f109-3.jpg&s3=37526-244-2f66babbc2d9200e1e83f39edf8680e4-2302x1698.jpg
crab mayo gratin
P ¥2,280⇒¥2,080
[Image 5d37526-244-09c00dc6c433eaabcf78-4.jpg&s3=37526-244-f745cbb9d78e0cea894f3d7db3f13c87-2380x1558.jpg
winter club
P ¥2,740⇒¥2,540
[Image 6d37526-244-b35d8254f863239e3515-5.jpg&s3=37526-244-34f181752f8c816a1b50484c8755195e-2205x1352.jpg
Margherita Bianca
P ¥2,480⇒¥2,280
[Image 7d37526-244-b3d94070f41ca36141fe-6.jpg&s3=37526-244-76d021e5126b2c96a328efdf4ada5464-2179x1396.jpg
Ham Margherita
P ¥2,280⇒¥2,080
At the “Pizza Thanksgiving Day”, various events such as special price plans for popular products, gift campaigns on SNS, and support plans for e-sports are held. Please keep an eye out for information on “Pizza Thanksgiving” in the future! !
“Pizza-La Thanksgiving Page” on the Pizza-La official website
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