PJP Eye exhibited a power bank system equipped with a Cambrian(TM) battery at the eco-life stage held in Kitakyushu.

PJP Eye Co., Ltd.
PJP Eye exhibited a power bank system equipped with a Cambrian(TM) battery at the eco-life stage held in Kitakyushu.
In addition to e-mobility, we propose a basic model for a decarbonized society in which ATMs are operated using only renewable energy.
The Eco Life Stage will be held on November 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun), 2022, and is one of the best environmental events in western Japan. PJP Eye, which has a laboratory in Kyushu University, has started exhibiting an ecosystem using a new power bank, starting with Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where they have a connection. The first demonstration in Japan will be held immediately after the invitation to COP27.
PJP Eye has signed the 27th Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) to be held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.
Visited Egypt with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to participate in the National Assembly. Supporting a sustainable society as a carbon-free company
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As a driving force of carbon offset and carbon negative, we continue to express our strong presence as a Japanese company.
This time, we made a model that can be removed from the e-mobility and used as a power bank in time for COP27. At the exhibition at the Eco Life Stage in Kitakyushu City immediately after COP27, we will show that it can be used as a power source for equipment such as ATMs (automated teller machines) that consume a lot of power.
Environmentally friendly and safe batteries with a life cycle (charge/discharge life) of over 8000 times can be used for both electric motorcycles and power banks, creating a new infrastructure for an eco-society based on batteries.
On the day of the event, there will be a demonstration of a completely offline operation using Cambrian(TM) batteries in a place where there is no power supply (outlet = power supply from the grid) in Katsuyama Oshiba Park, Kitakyushu City. In addition, the power supply will be limited to the solar panels installed on site and will be driven offline. It will demonstrate that ATM services can operate anywhere in the world, even in areas where electrical infrastructure is hard to reach in developing countries, and in areas with frequent blackouts where power supply from the grid is uncertain. Offline installation and operation of ATMs is not only of great significance in improving the convenience of expanding ATM service coverage areas, but also demonstrates the possibility of using various electronic products anywhere in the world without any inconvenience even if there is no power supply. There is.
The e-mobility that will be exhibited on the day of the event is Proto Co., Ltd., which leads the industry in E-scooters and E-BIKEs, Hitachi Channel Solutions Co., Ltd., which represents Japan with the world’s largest share of the ATM (automated teller machine) market, and others. With the full cooperation of partner companies, we plan to actually operate the system and have it used by visitors.
Eco Life Stage 2022
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The Kitakyushu Eco Life Stage is an initiative to support citizens, companies, schools, local governments, etc., who are engaged in environmental activities on a daily basis, and to improve the “environmental power of citizens.” Specifically, in addition to using the portal site to disseminate and exchange information on
environmental activities, an environmental symbol event, the Eco Life Stage, is held every fall. Many organizations exhibit at this symbolic event every year, and 150,000 people visit, making it one of the largest events in western Japan that Kitakyushu City is proud of. Here, in addition to introducing their daily environmental activities, each group will set up elaborate booths for eco-crafts, workshops, and other activities, as well as have live performances, dances, and activity presentations on stage, making it an effort to communicate the eco-life in a fun way. are doing This will increase the motivation of organizations that carry out environmental activities, and This is an initiative unique to Kitakyushu, an environmental city of the future, that delivers new discoveries of eco-life.
■ About PJP Eye Inc.
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A venture company founded by entrepreneur Hiroaki Nishina in 2017, striving to popularize Cambrian(TM) batteries. A pouch cell prototype was completed in 2018, and in 2019, it was successfully implemented in electric assist bicycles and drones, and international sales began through crowdfunding. Currently, he is expanding the field of activities while shifting the company’s management and research activities to Europe and the United States. Specific activities include the establishment of a local subsidiary with the support of the British government, and promotion of collaboration with Binghamton University in New York, University of Warwick, and the UK Battery Industrialization Center.
Our current goal is to provide sustainable solutions using our technology for satellites, ships and other vehicles. Ultimately, we will contribute to the world by correcting international inequalities in access to electricity. We recognize the importance of the spread of electricity everywhere through the combination of solar panels and power banks, even if there is no electric wire, and we aim to contribute to the spread of medical care and education and the development of agriculture as a result.
About PJP Eye’s original technology “Cambrian(TM) Battery”
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PJP Eye’s Cambrian(TM) battery with the latest technology is a revolutionary battery that overturns the conventional wisdom of carbon batteries. Behind this is a number of issues facing secondary batteries these days. Rechargeable batteries use a large amount of rare metals because they prioritize performance and convenience. The Cambrian(TM) battery was born to make it possible to solve these problems. Its main features are “high safety”, “rapid charging that leads to cost reduction”, “long life of about 20 years”, “use of cotton instead of rare metals”, and “establishment of a unique supply chain”. In addition, Cambrian(TM) batteries have various advantages. By further evolving this new age battery created using our unique technology and adapting it to various uses, we will continue to grow together as a company to realize the solutions we advocate.
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