Plaid Online programming school “TechAcademy” introduces KARTE Blocks

Online programming school “TechAcademy” introduces KARTE Blocks – Rapid verification of marketing messages and site improvements –
The website improvement and management product “KARTE Blocks” provided by PLAID Inc. has been introduced to the online programming school “TechAcademy” operated by Kiramex Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo: President Takahiro Higuchi). For details on utilization, we have published an interview article with Mr. Yasunori Fukuda of the marketing group of Kiramex Co., Ltd.
KARTE Blocks that continuously increase the value of your website It is a product that immediately repairs all elements of the site just by attaching a tag, quickly repeats hypothesis verification, and realizes continuous performance improvement. You can freely update the site anywhere and reflect it immediately, and you can immediately try out your ideas.
In recognition of its ability to quickly verify hypotheses, accumulate improvements, and promote effective LPO (landing page optimization) through AB testing, it was awarded “ITreview Grid Award 2022 Fall” in the “AB Testing Tool” and “LPO Tool” categories. It has also been selected as a High Performer.
The review page of “KARTE Blocks” is here.
“KARTE Blocks” service site
Click here for “KARTE Blocks” inquiries

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