Plaza Style The keyword for 2022 is “eyelashes”! Big announcement of this year’s hit cosmetics “PLAZA Ve scos 2022”!

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The keyword for 2022 is “eyelashes”! Big announcement of this year’s hit cosmetics “PLAZA Vescos 2022″!
“PLAZA THE BEST HIT COSMETICS 2022” special page to be released from Friday, November 18, 2022

StylingLife Holdings Co., Ltd. Plaza Style Company (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) has selected “PLAZA THE BEST HIT COSMETICS 2022”, which was a hot topic at PLAZA and MINiPLA nationwide this year. It will be published on a special page on the official website on Friday, November 18, 2022.
Only a few more to leave for 2022 years. This year, PLAZA has announced a big announcement of the hit cosmetics “PLAZA Vescos 2022”, which has become a hot topic in particular! We have selected hit cosmetics from all six categories and introduced them in a ranking format on a special web page.
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As the makeup trend that emphasizes the eyes continues in mask life, this year’s keyword is “eyelashes”! “Upward curly eyelashes” and “bundle eyelashes” like Korean idols attracted support, and the hit “mascara” that greatly changed the impression of the eyes was particularly noticeable. Starting with the hottest mascara category, this year’s makeup category is subdivided into the base makeup category, foundation category, and color makeup category. This year’s trends and tendencies can be seen in each section, so please use them as a reference when choosing items.
[Image 2d3436-778-393190d4f1dbde37a78a-1.jpg&s3=3436-778-e04dae4c892adf57841e01e803564807-602x673.jpg
Check out the “Interview” section on the special page! Yusuke Kawakita, who works on “&be”, which won the base makeup category and foundation category, and Akari Yoshida, who works on “B IDOL”, which won the color makeup category, will be on sale at PLAZA in October this year. We interviewed Yuri Anen (YURINO & Anna Suda), who work on the newly launched “episode BEAUTICS”, and Aoi Hamada, a beauty influencer who is well versed in beauty and cosmetics information. Don’t miss this valuable interview!
In addition, recommended cosmetics seriously selected by discerning buyers of PLAZA, who are surrounded by many cosmetics every day, are also posted. You can see details and interviews of “PLAZA Vescos 2022” award-winning items from the special page.
“PLAZA THE BEST HIT COSMETICS 2022” special page
[Image 3d3436-778-2ee67a7940441a4919fc-2.jpg&s3=3436-778-5e84c98d2509289e7443dd0dfaa42a3f-283x110.jpg
* “PLAZA THE BEST HIT COSMETICS 2022” extracts recommended items based on the sales results of PLAZA/MINiPLA and PLAZA ONLINE STORE nationwide from January 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022. .
*Products handled and availability vary by store.
*The contents of this release are subject to change without notice. Details about this release:


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