Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd. Panasonic HD, Denso, Nichirei, Chiba Bank, and Kao won the “Scientific HR Aw ard 2022”, which recognizes companies that promote scientific HR from companies that have introduced talent pallets.

Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd.
Panasonic HD, Denso, Nichirei, Chiba Bank, and Kao won the “Scientific HR Award 2022,” which recognizes companies that promote scientific HR from companies that have introduced talent pallets.
-Delivery of the details of each company’s efforts and the awards ceremony online on December 1-

Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Katsuya Mimuro, Securities Code: 4071) announced the talent management system “Talent Palette” (hereinafter referred to as “Talent Palette”) at the “Scientific HR Executive Forum 2022” : Talent Palette)” will implement the “Scientific HR Award 2022” to recognize companies that promote personnel strategies that utilize human resource data and take advanced initiatives. Five award-winning companies were announced and commended.
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■ About the Scientific Personnel Award
The times and the environment have changed the way we work and the needs of companies, and we have become a society that values ​​human resources as capital. We are now in an era where the utilization of human resources is directly linked to corporate competitiveness. The “Scientific HR Award” supports the growth of corporate power even in such difficult times, and promotes the practice of “scientific HR” using human resource data with the aim of supporting the creation of an organization where employees can work lively. This award is sponsored by Talent Palette. In the “Scientific Personnel Award”, we have introduced a talent palette and commended companies that are particularly ambitious and advanced among users who promote and utilize scientific personnel on a daily basis.
Event site: ■ “Scientific Personnel Award 2022” Award-Winning Companies and Award-Winning Initiatives *1
Grand Prize *2
[Company name] The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
[Award-winning initiative] Build a career system through internal recruitment using human resource data, and build and deploy an operation that allows personnel, management, and management to instantly grasp qualitative and quantitative data on individual skills using a dashboard.
[Company name] Denso Corporation
[Award-winning initiative] Building a sommelier system that digitizes the skills possessed by software engineers and objectively certifies them. Collected data is visualized and analyzed for human resource development/strengthening and optimal placement decisions in the organization.
[Company name] Nichirei Corporation
[Award-winning initiatives] Implementation of group-wide career reporting, goals, and evaluation operations with a view to the utilization and development of human resources across the group. Taking on the challenge of utilizing data from the perspective of human capital, such as women’s empowerment and human resource development
[Company name] Panasonic Holdings Co., Ltd.
[Award-winning initiative] Visualize the technical resources (skills) necessary for business strategy and implement strategic resource allocation and technical strength enhancement. Supporting the development of engineers and promoting consideration of measures to promote individual growth that emphasizes spontaneity
Special Award *3
[Company name] Kao Corporation
[Award-winning initiatives] Fiscal year ending December 2020 Launched the “OKR personnel system” company-wide as a central management and personnel policy in the medium-term management plan “K25”, and announced individual goals and opinions company-wide By doing so, we will create an advanced system that aims to build connections between employees that transcend organizational boundaries and encourage each employee to take on challenges and grow.
* 1 Reason for selecting the grand prize: Comprehensive evaluation of items such as “advancedness using human resource data”, “degree of impact on corporate growth”, and “content of initiatives that are beneficial and reproducible for general companies” from companies that have introduced Talent Palette evaluated and selected.
*2 Listed in alphabetical order for each award.
*3Reason for selection of the special award: Commendation for the challenge of particularly advanced initiatives.
In addition to the announcement of this award, at the “Scientific Personnel Executive Forum 2022”, special lectures were given by Mr. Iwamoto of the Faculty of Science, Yamagata University and Mr. Okada, former coach of the Japanese national soccer team. The event will be streamed online on December 1st, so please apply if you are
■ Scientific HR Executive Forum 2022
[Image 2d23180-74-6981dcb51220be1b78a6-1.png&s3=23180-74-8f431697072f7fceed008439592719c1-800x320.png
In this event, the special lecture of the “Scientific Personnel Executive Forum 2022” held at Conrad Tokyo on November 14th and the award ceremony of the Scientific Personnel Award 2022 will be distributed online.
Date: Thursday, December 1, 2022
Archive delivery: December 2nd (Friday) to December 16th (Friday), 2022 Event site: program
Host company lecture: Kenji Suzumura
 Executive Vice President of Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd. Special Lecture 1: Mr. Takeshi Okada
Imabari Co., Ltd. Chairman of Yume Sports
Former coach of the Japan Football Association (JFA) national soccer team Special lecture 2: Mr. Takashi Iwamoto
Yamagata University Academic Research Institute Industry-Academia Collaboration Professor
 Scientific Personnel Award: Introduction of award ceremony and initiatives of award-winning companies
■ About Talent Palette
“Talent Palette (” conducts everything from recruitment, training, placement, evaluation, selection and success, which are essential for human resource strategy, and based on scientific grounds. It is a service that realizes strategic personnel management. We have a track record of providing marketing support to more than 3,000 companies so far, and we are making use of the data utilization technology know-how we have refined there. By analyzing human resources information, which was previously only managed, and comprehensively utilizing that data, we support management’s decision-making. Specifically, you can collectively handle data ranging from basic human resource information, past careers, skills and abilities, inner feelings and aptitudes, employee wishes and thoughts, daily motivation to engagement. By analyzing this data, we will use HR big data to solve problems that companies face, such as simulating personnel placement on multiple axes, picking up people who are at risk of leaving their jobs, and preventing recruitment mismatches.
■ About Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd.
Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd. ( is a “visualization platform company that continues to create added value from all kinds of information” since its establishment in 2006. We are engaged in cloud solution business centered on technologies such as “text mining” and “data mining”, which have the power to “visualize” big data such as customer data / purchase data and personnel information and give awareness. By “visualizing” various information, we develop and sell software, consult, and create new businesses to create +α (plus alpha) value for your business.

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