Poketalk Co., Ltd. Held a special sale “BLACK FRIDAY SALE” for 9 days only

Poketalk Inc.
Held a special sale “BLACK FRIDAY SALE” for 9 days only

Poketalk Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Noriyuki Matsuda) will hold a “BLACK FRIDAY SALE” on our website for 9 days from November 17th (Thursday) to November 25th (Friday). It will be held.
In this sale, we will offer the Gundam Edition of the AI ​​interpreter “Poketalk (R) S” at a special price of 48% discount.
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【 lineup 】
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What is the AI ​​interpreter “Poketalk”?
“POCKETALK” is an AI interpreter that allows people who cannot speak each other’s language to communicate in their own language. 70 languages ​​can be translated into voice and text, and 13 languages ​​can be translated into text only. It features high translation accuracy using the latest optimal engine on the cloud and AI, and can translate long sentences. Built-in mobile communication function that can be used as is in more than 130 countries and regions around the world (“PokeTalk S”: 141 countries and regions, “PokeTalk W”: 139 countries and regions) even in places without Wi-Fi , no communication charges (for 2 years), so you can use it right after you buy it. The total number of shipments (excluding samples, etc.) of the “PokeTalk” series (including the first generation, “PokeTalk W”, “PokeTalk S” and “PokeTalk S Plus”) will be from September 14, 2021 since its launch in December 2017. At that time, it exceeded 900,000 units.
Detailed URL: https://pocketalk.jp/
[Image 3d108954-4-d2033a0e4ae8ef4cb9c8-2.png&s3=108954-4-165471bf2ec74d9a9138304ecece5787-253x348.png
About copyright notation
■ Please use the following copyright notation when posting product screens. (C) POCKETALK CORPORATION

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