Poketalk Co., Ltd. Poketalk Co., Ltd. raises total funding of 3.01 billion yen

Poketalk Inc.
PokeTalk Co., Ltd. raises total funding of 3.01 billion yen
~ A total of 1.6 billion yen was procured from 4 companies ~
Poketalk Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shiodome City Center 33rd floor, 1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Noriyuki Matsuda)
A total of 1.6 billion yen was raised through a third-party allocation of shares with Koei Tecmo Capital Co., Ltd., Xcom Global Co., Ltd., DIMENSION Co., Ltd., and 4 Startup Capital LLC as underwriters. As a result, the cumulative procurement amount will be 3.01 billion yen. [Image 1

[Procurement background and future prospects]
Our company’s mission is to eliminate language barriers, and we aim to realize a world in which people can communicate in their own language and understand each other deeply, even if they cannot speak the language of the other person. Our main product, the AI ​​interpreter “PokeTalk,” is focused on high accuracy and ease of use. of
individuals and companies. In addition, with the aim of accelerating business growth, in May 2022 we announced the AI ​​interpretation application “PokeTalk”, and in October of the same year, we announced the AI ​​interpretation software “PokeTalk Simultaneous
Interpretation” (scheduled to be released this winter). In addition to this, we have also started offering applications and software products.
Aiming to realize a “world without language barriers” where everyone can communicate in their own language, we will strengthen the personnel system in the development, marketing, and management departments in the future, and introduce the “PokeTalk” series to more people. We will strengthen advertising, publicity, marketing and sales activities so that customers can pick up
We will continue to spread the “PokeTalk” series all over the world in order to eliminate all “language barriers”.
■ Recruitment information page: https://pocketalk.co.jp/careers/?i=nav (Note) Compiled by a third-party organization based on the sales results of major electronics retailers nationwide, as of September 2022
[Investors related to this matter] (Note) In no particular order, titles omitted Koei Tecmo Capital Co., Ltd.
Xcom Global Co., Ltd.
Four Startup Capital LLC
[Questions for underwriting companies]
Why I Decided to Invest in PokeTalk Inc.
Future expectations for PokeTalk Inc.
[Koei Tecmo Capital Co., Ltd. President Yoichi Erikawa]
1. Since 2004, we have had a long-term cooperative relationship with SourceNext Co., Ltd., the parent company of PokeTalk, in the sales of our group’s game software, including “Nobunaga’s Ambition”. The digital entertainment business developed by our group is expanding globally, and the importance of communication between users is increasing. After the announcement of PokeTalk Inc.’s new product “PokeTalk Subtitles” and its expanded version “PokeTalk Simultaneous Interpretation”, I felt the possibility of efforts to “eliminate language barriers”.
2. Focusing not only on POCKETALK terminals, but also POCKETALK app versions and software products such as POCKETALK Simultaneous Interpretation, we will continue to develop new products, further expand our business in the U.S., and aim for future growth in global markets such as Europe and Asia. We expect growth.
[Excom Global Co., Ltd. President Seiji Nishimura]
1. We have been collaborating with the company continuously since PokeTalk was one of Sourcenext’s businesses. In addition to the recovery in demand for POCKETALK due to the recovery of the inbound and outbound markets, which declined sharply due to the corona crisis, we felt great potential for further growth in the global market, including the US market, as a global company from Japan.
2. With the grand mission of “eliminating the language barrier”, we hope to spread the PokeTalk brand all over the world in every way and become a global company that represents Japan.
[DIMENSION Co., Ltd. President Takamitsu Miyamune]
1. In 2003, I was involved in management support as one of the companies I invested in at my previous job. SOURCENEXT Co., Ltd., led by the founder Mr. Matsuda, continued to grow and was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2008.
It’s been about 20 years since I worked with Mr. Matsuda. We decided to make this investment based on the efforts of Mr. Matsuda and everyone at Poketalk, Inc., who continue to provide products and services that deliver joy and excitement to customers, and who continue to take on challenges.
2. “Break down the language barrier”
In line with that mission, we expect to continue to provide products and services that “deliver joy and excitement to customers all over the world,” not just in Japan.
As a result, I would like you to build a globally recognized brand and a global company that represents Japan.
Also, I would be very happy if you would encourage Japanese startups, entrepreneurs, and managers who are doing business overseas, and continue to convey the wonderfulness of positive challenges through their actions.
[Kazuhiko Shimizu, Representative of Four Startup Capital LLC] 1. I deeply sympathized with the wonderful mission of “eliminating the language barrier” and the strong desire of the management team led by Mr. Matsuda, the representative. PokeTalk’s business has already expanded to the world. We believe that it is our mission to support startups that lead the world market, and we have decided to invest in the company because we want it to be more active as a global startup from Japan.
2. In the future, through further development of the company’s business, Poketalk will become a global startup representing Japan. We hope that our products will eliminate global language barriers and bring about a world where people can understand each other deeply. What is the AI ​​interpreter “Poketalk”?
“POCKETALK” is an AI interpreter that allows people who cannot speak each other’s language to communicate in their own language. 70 languages ​​can be translated into voice and text, and 13 languages ​​can be translated into text only. It features high translation accuracy using the latest optimal engine on the cloud and AI, and can translate long sentences. Built-in mobile communication function that can be used as is in more than 130 countries and regions around the world (“PokeTalk S”: 141 countries and regions, “PokeTalk W”: 139 countries and regions) even in places without Wi-Fi , no communication charges (for 2 years), so you can use it right after you buy it. The total number of shipments (excluding samples, etc.) of the “PokeTalk” series (including the first generation, “PokeTalk W”, “PokeTalk S” and “PokeTalk S Plus”) will be from September 14, 2021 since its launch in December 2017. At that time, it exceeded 900,000 units.
Detailed URL: https://pocketalk.jp/
[Image 2

What is the AI ​​interpretation software “PokeTalk Simultaneous Interpretation”? “PokeTalk Simultaneous Interpretation” is software that allows you to understand the other party’s spoken English in real time with audio and subtitles in 70 languages. Since English is translated into short segments and translated into the language of the user’s choice, it is possible to understand what the other party is saying as if there is a dedicated simultaneous interpreter. Another major feature is that it can be used not only online but also face-to-face. This product is a major evolution of the function that was realized in the previous PokeTalk Subtitle, which translates what was said in the remote meeting and displays subtitles on the screen. The service is scheduled to start this winter, and the price will be announced at the time of the service start.
Detailed URL: https://pocketalk.jp/software/evolution/
[Image 3

What is the AI ​​interpretation app “Poketalk”?
It is an AI interpreter “Poketalk” that can be used on a more familiar smartphone, and has an easy-to-understand user interface similar to the interpreter “Poketalk”, and translates 70 languages ​​into voice and text, and 13 languages ​​into text only. Translate with precision. The price plan is also set at 120 yen per week, 360 yen per month, and 3,600 yen per year (including tax, free for the first three days). Detailed URL: https://pocketalk.jp/pt-app/
[Image 4

[About copyright notation]
■ Please use the following copyright notation when posting product screens. (C) POCKETALK CORPORATION
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