POLYGLOTS, which provides the English learning app “Recipe”, conducts a free speaking ability measurement c ampaign for corporations using the English speaking test “E-CAT”.

Polyglots Inc.
POLYGLOTS, which provides the English learning app “Recipe”, conducts a free speaking ability measurement campaign for corporations using the English speaking test “E-CAT”.
Measure output skills to improve practical English skills

Polyglots Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shunya , hereinafter referred to as our company) will conduct a free English speaking ability measurement campaign for corporations. In this campaign, we will provide E-CAT (English Conversational Ability Test), a full-fledged English speaking test, free of charge for up to 30 people per company.
Background and purpose of the campaign
Looking at the English proficiency of Japanese people, there are still many people whose “input skills” such as reading and listening are high, but “output skills” such as speaking, which are important for work, have not reached the business level. increase. Even in companies, when deciding overseas sales representatives and
expatriates, personnel were selected based on the scores of tests that measure input skills such as “TOEIC L/R”, but in the actual business scene, it is expected due to lack of input skills. There are many cases where the performance was not as good as it was.
This means that “not measuring output skills = company risk”. In order to know the current situation of your employees by measuring their output skills and to improve their English skills in the future, we will carry out a free speaking ability measurement in this campaign.
Campaign details
◆ E-CAT free exam
 Up to 30 people per company can take the exam.
*This campaign is limited to 10 companies, so if you have any requests, please contact us as soon as possible.
◆ Campaign deadline
 From November 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023
◆ Campaign application method
If you are interested in this campaign, please contact us using the contact information below.
 Polyglots Co., Ltd.
Corporate Sales Department Rentaro Kashima
Email: kashima@polyglots.net
 Phone number: 080-4857-8730
About Polyglots Corporate Training
[Image 1d10773-154-1d1620f32d48358d9e49-0.jpg&s3=10773-154-257100350cd15add8b33bf15de7ebff2-1280x849.jpg
An English training service where you can acquire business English with an individually optimized curriculum by AI (app) x instructors. ◆ Features
・Improve your overall English skills by using the English learning app “Recipe” that covers all 6 skills generated a learning curriculum for ・Solve the problems of each student with a 45-minute one-on-one lesson by a Japanese bilingual instructor
・Coaching by a dedicated trainer for more effective learning to achieve goals ・Completely online training greatly reduces costs
[Image 2d10773-154-8cf4b8d61fb906d0576a-1.png&s3=10773-154-cd0814df9d722445a6895e2f88c6e15f-1896x422.png
What is E-CAT
[Image 3d10773-154-f85e9a4d387bc980064d-2.png&s3=10773-154-971a947945ed70b90303f643ada1d36c-501x106.png
E-CAT (English Conversational Ability Test) is a 30-minute online speaking test operated by iTEP Japan.
◆ Features
・Measuring a wide range of speaking skills, from self-introduction to reading comprehension of materials and expressing opinions
・Scoring is not done by AI, but by a professional grader (scorer) to determine whether the English is actually conveyed.
・Scoring items judge detailed speaking elements such as accuracy, fluency, vocabulary, and content.
・Because of the evaluation design of the CEFR comparison, the level of the trainees is clearly recognized
・Since the test can be confirmed by voice, the comparison before and after the training is clear.
E-CAT official website
About Polyglots Inc.
[Image 4d10773-154-336567f1de8404139232-3.png&s3=10773-154-5bba0c3f3db446fdea2c1d97c8d2c0f3-1000x667.png
With the mission of “crossing the language barrier and increasing the number of Japanese people who are active in the world”, we are working on language learning from both technology and people. The service concept of “”Like” to “Learning”” means that you learn English while having fun, and before you know it, it has become a habit. Individuals can continue to collect information based on their own interests. [Image 5d10773-154-d5b9629f043167fccfc2-4.png&s3=10773-154-7235320f7c7d9e05e056b82fe0b4c321-624x232.png
Online lessons with a teacher and a cutting-edge AI-equipped app make your English learning more efficient, making it a new online English conversation where you can acquire usable English in the shortest possible time. Each skill centered on the 6 skills of English is closely related, so instead of training any one skill, training comprehensively will result in improved listening and speaking skills. Start learning English with scientifically proven training recipes that Japanese people need.
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