PONY CANYON Co., Ltd. Clipping videos of all 21 songs from the main part of Kenichi Suemitsu’s stage production and TRUMP series musical “Velakikka” will be released in sequence!

Pony Canyon, Inc
Clipping videos of all 21 songs from the main part of the TRUMP series musical “Velakikka” written and directed by Kenichi Suemitsu will be released in order!

A stage work by playwright Kenichi Suemitsu, which was released on Blu-ray & DVD in September -TRUMP series- From the main part of the musical “Velakikka”, the singing scene of all 21 original songs is entitled “Cutout Velakikka”. It was announced that it will be released sequentially on YouTube from November 25th to March 2023.

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Musical “Velakikka”
The -TRUMP series- is a stage work that Kenichi Suemitsu, a playwright who is also known for directing and scripting stage plays such as “Touken Ranbu” and “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, raises as his life work. A gothic fantasy depicting a “vamp” who is at the mercy of the legend of the vampire “Trump”.
This musical “Velakikka” is a “TRUMP-style” “human love drama” that depicts “people’s feelings” in a bizarre and pathetic story through a certain family. Former Takarazuka Revue Moon Troupe star Rurika Miya, who is still very popular today, Yuya Matsushita, a talented actor with high singing ability, Keita Furuya, who is active as a member of the dance vocal unit “Lead”, And a full-fledged musical work that was performed in Tokyo and Osaka from January 2022 for 14 performances, with a gorgeous cast such as Aya Hirano who is active in various genres such as voice actors and actresses. Shunsuke Wada, who has worked on many songs for the TRUMP series, is in charge of all the songs in this work.
In response to the popularity of the Blu-ray and DVD of this work, Kenichi Suemitsu wanted to let more people know about the work, and decided to release it for a limited time. plan. The released video has Japanese and English subtitles, so fans who already have the Blu-ray/DVD can enjoy the lyrics while enjoying the lyrics.
“Cutout Verakikka” will be released on YouTube “Pony Canyon VIDEO” channel at 20:00 on Friday, November 25th, and after that, all 21 videos will be released sequentially by the end of March.
◆ Pony Canyon VIDEO Channel
* It will be released sequentially on the above YouTube channel. [Image 2

Musical “Velakikka” Blu-ray first limited deluxe edition
◆ Product information
Musical “Velakikka”
[Blu-ray first limited deluxe edition]
PCXP.50879 / ¥9,900 (tax included)
DISC1: Main story (161 minutes) + full-view video digest (17 minutes) DISC2: Special Making (58 minutes) / Kenichi Suemitsu and Shunsuke Wada Special Talk (28 minutes)

16P booklet / stage photo postcard
Release/Distributor: Pony Canyon

Nora (Rurika Miya), the head of the prestigious aristocratic Verakikka family, has her distant relative Shion (Yuya Matsushita), her half-brother Kai (Keita Furuya), Shion’s younger sister Joe (Ayu Aika), and her tutor Robin ( Hiroshi Miyagawa), butler Winter (Makoto Nishino) and other family members, as well as adopted children such as Clay (Shotarou Okubo) and Maggie (Ruki Saito). All the vampires of the Velakikka family show intense affection and obsession with Nora. A new adopted child, Candy (Aya Hirano), is welcomed there. The Velakikka family’s secrets are revealed when Candy gets involved in a mount game involving Nora.
Written and Directed by: Kenichi Suemitsu
Music: Shunsuke Wada
Nora Verakikka: Rurika Miya
Shion Velakikka: Yuya Matsushita
Kai Velakikka: Keita Furuya (Lead)
Joe Verachikka: Ayu Aika
Clay Verakikka: Showtaro Okubo
Maggie Verakikka: Ruki Saito
Winter Velakikka: Makoto Nishino
Robin Verachikka: Hiroshi Miyagawa
Candy Verakikka: Aya Hirano
Adopted children: Tatsuya Hatanaka, Kannon Yamazaki, Wako Ito, Nana Kanai, Fumi Chitose, Urara Nose
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TRUMP series package information site → https://trump.ponycanyon.co.jp TRUMP series info (Pony Canyon official) Twitter →
TRUMP series official website → https://trump10th.jp/
Verachicca official website → https://verachicca.westage.jp/ Watanabe Theater Official Twitter → https://twitter.com/watanabe_engeki Watanabe Theater Staff Official Instagram

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