Poplar Co., Ltd. The popular event using “General encyclopedia Poplardia” is back! “Library Mystery Solving Event-Challenge from King Hyakka-” event kit library application for “3rd Edition” is now open!

Poplar Co., Ltd.
The popular event using the “general encyclopedia Poplardia” is back! “Library Mystery Solving Event-Challenge from King Hyakka-” event kit library application for “3rd Edition” is now open!
[For libraries and schools] Started distributing event kits. You can also hold a download version published on the special site

Poplar Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Hitoshi Chiba) is conducting a pre-campaign for the publication of the “General Encyclopedia Poplardia 3rd Edition” last year, “Let’s play with Hyakkaji!” The popular “Library Mystery Solving Event-Challenge from King Hyakka-” has been renewed for “Poplardia 3rd Edition”. We have started distribution to libraries and schools that wish to hold the event through a special website. We will continue to aim to convey to children the “fun to look up” and the appeal of encyclopedias. [Image 1

main banner
In 2021, the summer vacation campaign “Let’s play with Hyakkaji!” for the publication of “General Encyclopedia Poplardia 3rd Edition” was very popular. In response to requests from the holding museum, it was renewed in response to the “Poplardia 3rd Edition”. Aiming to convey to children the “fun to research” and the appeal of encyclopedias, we have started distributing them to libraries that wish to host the event through a special website.
Last year, from summer to autumn, more than 200 public libraries nationwide held the “Challenge from King Hyakka” puzzle-solving event. We look forward to holding the event in many libraries and schools in 2022.
■ Special site —
https://kodomottolab.poplar.co.jp/hello-poplardia/hyakka-oh/asobou-3rd/nazotoki2022ver/ “Library Mystery Solving Event-Challenge from King Hyakka-” Event Overview [Image 2

Library poster
This is an event for libraries navigated by “Poplardia 3rd Edition” image character “Hyakka King” designed by popular picture book author Shinsuke Yoshitake.
“Find the treasure hidden in the library!” The content of the event is aimed at. Through solving riddles, children can feel familiar with the library, learn about the classification of books in the library, and experience how to look up encyclopedias while having fun.
The distribution event kit and download version include a riddle solving problem sheet corresponding to “Poplardia 3rd Edition”, posters for the 10 sages and announcements, and original goods for “Hyakka King” to be presented to participants who have cleared. I’m here.
[Image 3

Hint poster image in the hall
[Image 4

event kit cover

* The timing and operation of events differ depending on the library. *All images are images.
About “General Encyclopedia Poplardia 3rd Edition”
[Image 5

“Comprehensive Encyclopedia Poplardia 3rd Edition”
“Poplardia” is a one-of-a-kind “comprehensive encyclopedia for children” that has been adopted by elementary, junior high and high schools nationwide and is trusted by educational institutions. “Poplardia” is the only full-fledged comprehensive encyclopedia released in multiple volumes as a book in Japan (*), and as of 2021, several Japanese language textbooks will include “How to search in an encyclopedia”. “Poplardia” is posted as. The “General Encyclopedia Poplardia 3rd Edition”, which has undergone a major revision for the first time in 10 years, will be released in November 2021. (*As of November 2021/in-house research)
About the website “Hello! Poplardia (Hello! Poplardia)” aimed at promoting the use of encyclopedias
For teachers, school librarians, and public librarians who come into contact with children on a daily basis, as well as boards of education that deeply understand the significance of encyclopedias and consider introducing them to schools, in order to deliver the joy of learning to children. and launched the website “Hello! Poplardia” to promote the use of encyclopedias. On this site, you can download all the popular tools included in “Poplardia 3rd Edition”, as well as web-original tools. In addition, you can read articles such as examples of “Poplardia 3rd Edition” introduction in local governments nationwide, examples of exhibits at schools, examples of use in classes, etc.
★ “General Encyclopedia Poplardia” Navi for Everyone “Hello! Poplardia” “More play, more learning.” Poplar’s children’s learning project “Children’s Lab”
Founded in 1947 as a publisher specializing in children’s books, Poplar Publishing aims to contribute to the development of a society that provides children and those who were children in the past with high-quality books that will serve as nourishment for their lives. Our corporate philosophy is to contribute to development.
In response to the changing times, Poplar’s children’s learning business “Kodomo Lab” was launched in 2021. Developing educational ICT business and publishing business that support circulation. Starting with the curiosity of each child, we aim to create a voluntary cycle of learning that goes back and forth between “playing” and “learning”, leading to the children’s “zest for life.”
★Poplar’s ​​children’s learning business “Kodomo Lab” brand site [Publisher introduction]
Company name: Poplar Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 8th and 9th floors of Sumitomo Fudosan Koujimachi First Building, 4-2-6 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8519 Established: June 1947
Business: Publishing children’s books, general books, learning materials, encyclopedias, etc., and educational ICT business Poplar [URL] https://www.poplar.co.jp/

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