Popular books and hidden masterpieces! 200 Discover e-book titles are 50% off!

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd.
Popular books and hidden masterpieces! 200 Discover e-book titles are 50% off!
Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Naomi Taniguchi) will hold 50% of 200 Discover e-book titles at book live from November 18th to November 30th, 2022. We will hold a discount campaign that will be off.
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Popular books and hidden masterpieces! 50% off deals sale
From 11/18, at Book Live, we will hold a discount campaign where more than 200 e-book titles of Discover, focusing on hot books and hidden masterpieces, will be 50% off.
This is your chance to get Discover’s best-selling and long-selling books at a great price. Please check it.
[Campaign overview]
Bookstore: Book Live
Period: November 18th (Friday) to November 30th (Wednesday), 2022 Discount rate: 50%
Target score: 200 points
Pick up recommended books!
1. “Self-control compendium of scientifically moving yourself as you wish” [Image 2d18193-982-2488d574da243e142577-1.jpg&s3=18193-982-ee1141325bfe9f13591eb09192bfacaf-352x499.jpg
Over 20,000 copies! A book for scientifically getting out of daily “sluggishness”
“I can’t concentrate,” “I eat too much sweets,” “I can’t maintain my motivation for work,” and “I waste my days off watching TV and videos.” It’s not that your willpower is particularly weak or that you don’t have enough patience. It’s just that they don’t know “a little trick to move yourself well = self-control method”.
This book is co-authored by Shugo Hotta, a professor at Meiji University and a psycholinguist, and Go Kijima, a doctor who is the director of EPIC DAY Tokyo Medical Clinic Heiwadai Ekimae Clinic, a medical corporation. This book explains self-control methods from the perspective of researchers and medical professionals.
Based on 114 studies that have been verified by universities and research institutes around the world in neuroscience, psychology, and medicine, Chapter 1 is about work, Chapter 2 is about life in general, Chapter 3 is about physical health, and Chapter 4 is about mental health. We pick up the situations that make you lazy about your health, and introduce 95 self-control techniques for each.
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https://booklive.jp/product/index/title_id/1061354/vol_no/001 2. “Practical Critical Thinking Special Edition”
[Image 3d18193-982-09c7360ff5d36f4ba539-2.jpg&s3=18193-982-9bc2eed6ecac8a4da833f371b2a0b128-341x499.jpg
You can learn “critical thinking” in an easy-to-understand manner in 4 classes! “Practical critical thinking” is a “thinking method for setting goals and achieving them strategically”, and is a skill that forms the basis of “the ability to think for yourself”.
It is a power that is necessary in today’s world where changes are rapid and we have to tackle new things and produce results in the absence of experience.
Critical thinking is not difficult.
However, it is necessary to think thoroughly, try again and again, and somehow arrive at an answer that satisfies you. And the muscle strength to think is the skill necessary to survive in an era where there is no absolute correct answer.
This book will explain practical critical thinking in the form of recording the state of the class as it is. This is an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand lecture-style book that introduces many examples and exercises.
Let’s learn critical thinking, which is the basis of “the ability to think for yourself”, through this book.
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