Postus Co., Ltd. Cloud-based mobile POS cash register “POS+” restaurant sales trend report November 2022

Postus Co., Ltd.
Cloud-type mobile POS cash register “POS+” restaurant sales trend report November 2022
The ratio of cashless payments is 39.4% nationwide.The Chugoku region has the highest ratio of code payments.

Postus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Koichi Honda), which provides cloud-type mobile POS cash register “POS+”, has announced that restaurant sales trends in October 2022 will be based on POS data. We will tell you as we added up to 2, and compiled result.
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In the future, POS+ will continue to actively disseminate information on changes in the environment surrounding restaurants and the actual situation, and by considering and proposing support measures, the vision of this service will be “helping with hospitality, working with a smile.” We will aim to realize our vision.
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【Survey results】
■October sales also increased year-on-year. The level is 128% even compared to before the corona (compared to 2019).
・Year-on-year sales in October decreased by 40.7 points from the previous month to 115.2%.
Sales in October 2021 are 96.9% compared to 2020, and sales in October 2020 are 115.1% compared to 2019 (*not shown in the graph), so it is 128% compared to pre-corona (2019).
■ Relationship with the number of new coronavirus infections ・Although the year-on-year sales rate is still above 100%, it is showing a gradual downward trend.
The number of infected people decreased in September and then increased again in October.
■About means of payment
・The cashless payment ratio is 39.4% nationwide. By area, the Kanto region is the highest at 47.7%.
In the Kanto region, credit card payment is high at 39%, but code payment is 5.1%, which is lower than other areas. The Chugoku region has the highest number of code payments at 6.1%.
・By genre, there is a high ratio of cashless payments in business categories with relatively high unit prices, such as teppan cuisine, French cuisine, other Western cuisine, shabu-shabu, and sushi (most of which are credit card payments).
・If you look at the breakdown with cashless payment as 100%, you can clearly see the difference in payment methods for each business type. As shown on the previous page, cash ratios are high for snacks/meals such as hamburgers, curry, ramen, soba noodles, and udon, but among cashless payments, code payment ratios are high.
・From September to October, the cashless payment ratio for all genres of restaurants was 101% (39.2% → 39.4%). There is a slight increase (36.0% → 36.3%) at izakaya.
・At izakayas where cashless payments increased slightly from September to October, the credit card ratio increased slightly (29.9%→30.3%). 【table of contents】
Summary 1: Monthly sales trends for restaurants nationwide (compared to the previous year), weekly changes in the number of new infections and sales by area (compared to the previous year)
Summary 2: Restaurants by area, by business type, by genre Payment method l Summary 3: Cashless payment method ratio by restaurant genre, cashless payment ratio (breakdown)
[Overview of summary 1]
Summary: Monthly sales trends for restaurants (compared to the previous year), weekly changes in the number of new infections and sales by area (compared to the previous year)
Target: Restaurants that have introduced POS+ POS registers
Aggregation period: d56468-93-444b6cba4dd4a0602af1-7.jpg&s3=56468-93-849c560ccf63ff268b639115f8ebe029-3900x1497.jpg
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■ About Postas Co., Ltd. and “POS+” – – Postus Co., Ltd. has expanded its cloud-based mobile POS cash register business, which has grown to boast the top share of the paid POS cash register market in Japan since the service was provided in May 2013. Established on December 2, 2019 as a successor from a joint-stock company.
“POS+” is a solution for stores that improves productivity by increasing store sales and reducing the workload of store operators, and is equipped with highly convenient functions for employees. Cloud-based mobile POS registers such as “POS+ food” for restaurants, “POS+ retail” for retailers, and “POS+ beauty” for beauty salons, self-checkout/ticket vending machine “POS+ selfregi”, mobile self-ordering service “POS+ self order” , table top order service “POS + TTO” and various other solutions to support efficient store management.
■ About “PERSOL” –
Based on the Group Vision of “Work and Laugh”, the Persol Group is developing a wide range of businesses related to people and
organizations, such as temporary staffing service “Tempstaff”, career change service “doda”, IT outsourcing and design development. . By promoting business activities in line with the Group’s management philosophy and sustainability policy, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the achievement of the SDGs. In addition, through the fusion of human resource services and technology, we are actively working on the development of
next-generation innovations, and we are actively working to find market value in the career change service “Midas”, and “TECH PLAY”, which empowers technology human resources and supports the
construction of DX organizations for companies. We are also developing services such as the cloud-based mobile POS cash register “POS+”. Details about this release:


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