Potomac Co., Ltd. A luxurious Christmas course using local Kobe ingredients is now available from “PEANUTS D INER Kobe”!

Potomac Co., Ltd.
“PEANUTS DINER Kobe” offers a luxurious Christmas course using local Kobe ingredients!

“PEANUTS DINER Kobe” (http://www.peanutsdiner.jp/kobe/) will sell a Christmas dinner course for a limited time from December 1st (Thursday) to December 25th (Sunday), 2022.
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PEANUTS DINER Kobe’s Christmas dinner course was very popular last year. This winter, we have prepared a luxurious course where you can enjoy local Kobe ingredients.
Spend a special time with your loved ones at a cozy diner where you can experience the world of PEANUTS.
Christmas dinner course (5 dishes) ¥12,100 per person (tax included) Appetizers using crabs caught in Kasumi, Kami-cho, luxurious mini burgers with foie gras, confit made with flounder from Awaji with the scent of seashore and butter, slowly grilled Kobe beef steak and peanut pumpkin. Local ingredients are used from start to finish, such as the main dish that goes well with the red wine sauce, and the dessert that colors Christmas.
[Table 3: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/24488/table/1451_1_070f3a4dbc9c939c7a3314e410c60332.jpg ]
Don’t miss the cute Snoopy silhouette dessert!
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A refreshing yogurt-flavored meringue dessert with berries and nuts. Sprinkle lime peel and roses to add a fresh scent and gorgeousness. Enjoy the Christmas time while tasting the photogenic Snoopy dessert that looks cute and is a waste to eat.
Sales period
December 1st (Thursday) to December 25th (Sunday), 2022
◎ Click here for reservations
⇒(https://booking.ebica.jp/webrsv/plan_search/e014001307/16376) Comes with a novelty! We are accepting reservations for accommodation plans where you can enjoy the Christmas dinner course!
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In addition to the usual PEANUTS DINER breakfast and amenities that can be taken home, an accommodation plan with a “Christmas dinner course” and “Christmas limited design wooden ornament” is now available.
From ¥45,100 (tax included)
Limited time only! There is also a chance to get a limited novelty wooden ornament for any accommodation plan!
All guests staying during the Christmas period are eligible. Novelty wooden ornaments are designed with art of Snoopy disguised as Santa Claus and ringing the bell.
■ Target period
December 1st (Thursday) to December 25th (Sunday), 2022
* Until check-out on Monday, December 26th
In addition, Christmas limited items are on sale!
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Price: 6,264 JPY (incl. tax)
The bright red glasage is decorated with Snoopy ornaments, a Charlie Brown message plate, and berry toppings to create a design that gives you a sense of elegance and adultness.
* Online shop limited sale
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■Christmas gift box
Price: 4,235 JPY (incl. tax)
A new box full of Christmas items from Snoopy and his friends is now available! The package is cute even when decorated, so it is recommended not only as a Christmas gift for your loved ones, but also as a reward for yourself.
*All PEANUTS Cafe / DINER stores
*Some stores may be out of stock.
Sales store
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1-22-26 Nakayamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
TEL 078-200-5848
HP https://www.peanutshotel.jp/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/peanutshotel/
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HP www.peanutsdiner.jp/kobe/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/peanutsdiner/

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HP https://www.peanutcafe.jp/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/peanutscafe_tokyo/

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■ PEANUTS Cafe online shop
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